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Thread: Particles, dynamics or keyframeing

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    Particles, dynamics or keyframeing

    I have a problem. I need to animate about 500 similiar pieces (rice) someting like tornado and form a word(for example HELLO) by this rice pices in the end of this animation. Plese help me how can I do this???
    If I use Particles and then link rice object I dont know how to collect this pices in one word.
    May be I sould use Hard FX??? (is it possible to do reverse animation(explode this word HELLO to many pieces of rice and then invert the animation to have correct motion blur))
    And finally should I just move and rotate this pieces manually.
    I also have Impact3 and Real Flow 3, may be it would be better to use them.

    May be some tutorials can help, but all I've read is not enough.

    Thanks for trying to help

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    I wish I had more time to actually try some simulations for you, but unfortunately I don't. However try to approach this, since you have limited resources, in shots, as in thinking its made up of different shots blended or edited well together instead of a perfect, its exactly how I think it should go, shot. Maybe splitting atleast the two concepts of tornado and making a word. Now you can make the tornado easily using particles with a wind effector, then replace the particles with the rice objects using FX Link, I think, its been a while. For the other part you most definetly can reverse animate it by putting the rice objects in one layer for example, in the shape of the word, then applying Hard FX with either explosion or movement, if you can, try to put a wind effector that sucks it up once they're free (maybe not exploding, but rathger letting go) if there's no chance that's happening, you can try a having particles on a texture (the word) or particles from the actual modeled objects appear and suck into the tornado, then apply the FX Link (Is that what we're still calling it) the just place your camera and create your shots. Some clever editing will minimize the work needed in 3D. I hope I helped, if I made it more confusing, then please excuse me and forget you ever read this. Real flow can diffinetly do it, but for that you need to go the the Real flow forum and check out the tutorial section, I am guessing they have something similar. If not, there is a guy there I think his name is will cameron that knows real flow-Lightwave pretty well, he maybe able to help you out.
    Good luck
    Post progress if you can so that others may have a chance to see how this is done and how you approach it. It would be appreciated.

    Edit: so I took some time at lunch to try this, it might be a starting point for you. You can control the wind now by moving it and its power. The object is just a bunch of 1 point polys. You can create your word in modeler and replace, it should work fine. When the particles run well for you, just do an FX link and replace them with your rice. Remember to have them not collide if you have close ups, I doubt you'll need it, but just incase.
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    Thank you very much Yazan.
    Some thing you told me I've olready tried, but some of them not. I'll try.
    Thank you for spending your time and helping me with scene.
    The problem is that I have closeups in animation an my rice particles must collide properly, but I'm not quite sure it is possible within particle system of LW(tell me if I'm wrong) Is it possible to link rice to emmiter particles and than calculate Hard FX to have proper object collisions not just particle collisions???
    And of course I'll post progress.

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    Well I'm not really sure, but what you can do is before cloning, add a hard FX or collision to each and then caulculate?
    Or in the particle system its self, give each particle a size and have them calculate then save motion file and then replace the rice. Unfortunatly the size is like a sphere so you won't get to have perfect pill like collision, but like I said, some shots can work with it, others you may just have a layer with a bunch of rice and Hrad FX with gravity and some collision with the camera looking close.
    Let us know what happens with you.

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    Use object emitter, run it backwards

    I've done a similar thing by using an object emitter (in your case, the word HELLO) and running the rendering backwards.


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    I'm sorry i forgot to explain. Yes you can render backwards. Usually you can do this in post, but for the fun of it, you can save an animation in .mov .avi or mpg that plays backwards by entering
    Render First Frame: put the last fram number of your animation
    Render Last Frame: put the first frame number of your animation
    Render Frame Step: -1
    render scene
    it will ask you if you want to enter the last frame as whatever is your last frame, say no and it will proceed backwards. Have fun.

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    Try this:

    1. You'll need to type out your word as a graphic in Photoshop or something. Your graphic should be black with an alpha channel that has your word typed out in white. Save it in a format that allows alpha channels.

    2. In Lightwave, load your image. Make sure the alpha channel is enabled.
    3. Add an emitter to your scene. Open the properties panel for the emitter.
    4. Next to Birth Rate. Click on the T to add a texture map. Change Projection to Planer. Use the image you loaded. Close the panel when you're done adjusting.
    5. In this example, I set a particle limit of 1000 and a Birth Rate of 1000 per frame.
    6. From this point, you can add Wind effectors to blow the particles around, etc.
    7. Then you can use FX_Link to add your rice objects to this.

    Since you are starting with the word, then blowing it apart with particles, you could run the animation in reverse when you're done and it will fly together.
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    It is wonderfull.
    I didn't know about backrendering, I couldn't imagine it is possible to put Render Frame Step to -1. It can be very, very usefull.

    Thanks Axis3D, I've tried to use black and white image as a texture for Birth Rate but it didn't work because it had no alpha channel. Now I understand what was the matter.
    I've seen many of your works. My respect to YOU and I'm glad that artists like you share their knoliges.

    Thank my friends, I'll try all of this and I'll be back here. I also hope to hear more about this question and I hope that these thrads will be usefull for others.
    I've learnd 3 thigs from here:
    1.Setting Render Frame Step to -1
    2.Alpha channel for Birth Rate texture image
    and the general one
    3.When you become famous never forget about people who need your help.

    I'm only 22 years old and I have much to learn here.

    My respect to all of you!!!


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