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    Animated background

    Hello all,

    Really great to see everyone sharing info on this site!!! Can anyone tell me how do you animate a background like you see on Fox News. You know, sometimes it may be colors changing and moving, other times it may be shapes that are transparent and changing colors. Is it all done in lightwave, or is photoshop incoporated some how? Any help would be appreciated.



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    it's compositing showing one image over another in a news studios it mybe just a simple TV screen in the back ground thought, or it may be the presenter is in a full blue screen studio.

    To do it in lightwave there is a couple of options create your fancy animations the film someone against a blue screen the use After Effects, Digital Fusion , etc etc.. to remove the blue screen and replace it with your lightwave animation.

    Or if you back ground screen NEVER is covered by the fore ground presenter you could import your video clip of the presenter into your back ground - compositing settings and then create a simple polygon with your fancy animation as a texture on it. As your mock TV back ground screen.

    The main thing is you would be using compositing software NOT image editing software such as photoshop.

    The animations them selves you can use particles, simple polygon shapes etc.. etc..
    And just alter the objects transparency settings for it's textures... or as mentioned above you could even use video as the textures on the ploys, the sky is the limit so to speak

    hope this helps
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    Thanks Andy for the fast reply. What I am doing is a logo animation for a company and I wanted to incorporate some movement in the background. I was thinking of something like shifting colors like what you would see in an arora borealis in Alaska. Is this possible in lightwave?

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    Those types of effects are usually created in After Effects, Motion, etc. You can also purchase them from companies like 12 Inch Design.
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    You can do it in LW too with Particle effects, hypervoxels, volumetrics as well as procedural textures on objects to create a multitude of effects transparent, whatever . A seemingly endless aray of special effdcts are possible.

    You can create effects and composite in LW or you can just use it all in the same scene depending on what you want to do.

    Look at some of the sample scenes in the content directory and look into these areas of the manual:

    Surface Editor
    Image Editor

    Also just opening up the Effects panel Windows/Backdrop Options in Layout gives you access to some of the above and in particular the processing tab where you can add pixel filters. This you can use to create effects for composited elements - that you later composite in a new scene or on the output of entire the animation.

    Thats more than enough to get you started.

    Someone might be ablke to suggest some tutorials, advice or threads for your particular effect.

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    Thank you all for the help. I will look into all of your suggestions.


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