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Thread: LScript Documentation

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    LScript Documentation

    A big one for me, and I don't think I'm alone here, would be better LScript documentation.

    Essentially every command that is available, fully documented with the inputs (if any) it needs and the outputs the command gives, written in an easy to understand (non-coder speak) format, along with an example for each one.

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    Yeah, i second that

    I would second that matt. I for one would love to get into LScript, but there is poor documentation for an LScript newbie and like you said preferably in non techie speak.

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    LSIDE macros

    Still waiting for copy of LSIDE macros referenced in LScript v2.6 release notes

    LSIDE Editor v1.3 Release notes

    Name Type Description
    ------------------ -------------- --------------------------------------------
    autosave.els filter saves the current document after a specified
    number of keystrokes
    a_to_A.els filter uses the replaceKey() function to capatilize
    all typed lower-case 'a' characters
    cf_template.els run-once simple script that creates a new document and
    places a Channel Filter template into it
    changecase.els run-once alters the case of the characters in the document.
    adheres to any current selection. employs the
    LScript requester mechanism.
    color_e.els run-once changes the color of all the 'e' or 'E' characters
    on the current line
    disablecode.els run-once places a single-line comment operator (//) at
    the start of every line in the current selection
    enablecode.els run-once removes any single-line comment operators from
    the start of every line in the selection
    keycomplete.els filter completes the keyword from a partial entry when
    the tab key is pressed
    reformat.els run-once re-formats a script to make it more readable
    smartindent.els filter automates code-based indentation in a smart
    sort.els run-once sorts selected document lines in ascending order

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    The LScripts are indeed being completely revised, and there is already a section for discussion of the LScript Documentation -

    LScript Documentation Forum

    Please post your requests and comments on LScript Documentation there. I'll clone the thread to that forum, and lock the version here off.
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