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Thread: GI rendering and Maxwell Renderer

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    GI rendering and Maxwell Renderer


    Recently I've been thinking that I want to start improving my renders by
    using GI, but through several interior & exterior architectural renders, and
    also some still life, I just haven't been able to achieve the quality that I
    want in LW.

    I've just been looking at the Maxwell renderer and some of the pics on there
    blew me away completely. This is exactly the sort of capability I'm after.

    What I was wondering is:

    Is Lightwave's radiosity actually not very good?

    Is the Maxwell renderer a good proposition for us Lightwavers?

    Is there a good quality alternative to the Maxwell renderer for LW users?
    (Assuming that money is not an issue, although rendering time would be)

    Many thanks,

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    Is Lightwave's radiosity actually not very good?
    Lightwave's radiosity is versatile. The Monte Carlo one can produce great results, but it can be agonizingly slow at times. The Interpolated radiosity can produce ok results with a very small increase in render times.

    Maxwell, and Fprime, have the advantage for complex GI scenes that they will never introduce artifacts or errors, only noise. If it's not good enough quality, just leave it cooking for longer. No more guessing how high quality you can set or anything such. The disadvantage is that you can't really tweak things, either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexoctagon
    Is Lightwave's radiosity actually not very good?
    Seems like an odd question. Have you actually used Lightwave to render?

    Maxwell can produce some nice looking images but it will take a LONG time to get them. Some of their better gallery images too a day or so to refine the grain out. You can tune LW's render engine and get some very nice images out as well.

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    Yes, I've been using LW for 6 years now and it's a great all round app. Recently though, I've been experimenting with interior & exterior architectural renders and even after hours of experiments I cant achieve anything that looks that great and nothing that touches those Maxwell renders.

    Maybe it's just me. I've been looking at radiosity renders in LW and they always look a bit average but maybe I've now found the best examples. Could you point me to some top notch LW radiosity renders?


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