View Poll Results: what should i do with my xsi foundation?

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  • burn it

    4 3.57%
  • shred it

    0 0%
  • eat it

    4 3.57%
  • give it to a street beggar

    8 7.14%
  • bury it in a peat bog

    5 4.46%
  • sell it on ebay

    12 10.71%
  • turn it into ashtrays

    3 2.68%
  • send it back to avid with a "no thanks" letter.

    16 14.29%
  • give it away

    14 12.50%
  • learn it...stick with it

    46 41.07%
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Thread: decide it's now...

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    decide it's now...

    well i'm having such a terrible time with xsi that i've decided it "must go"...
    this app just winds me up!...waste of money!....created by lab coated robots wanting humans to turn to drink!

    so, what to do?....

    have a vote!
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    I know how you feel. I ordered it some time ago and and have yet to make a dent in the learning curve.

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    Here's my suggestion: Give it to me

    EDIT: And in any case anyone got scared, I'm not switching over, I just want the actual software as in something I can hold in my hands. Don't ask me why, you don't want to know

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    I voted give it away. I would legitimately love to have it. I've been fascinated by XSI for quite some time and once I have the money, I will probably buy it anyway. Having said that though....

    I think you should keep it and learn it. There are no rules in life that say you have to use just one app and, you may be able to do some stuff in it that you cannot in LW.

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    Many years ago I was a Strata Studio Pro fanatic. I bought a copy of Lightwave primarily for a junior partner in my business that liked it better than strata. But I just couldn't get into its way of doing things. For a while, I would tinker with it, but I never really got anywhere. Then I decided to start a project that required some real character animation--something that Strata just couldn't even come close to pulling off. I realized I had to commit to Lightwave. So I took the manual with me on a weekend gettaway and read it cover to cover. The paradigm finally started to sink in. I'm now a Lightwave fanatic (Not a fanboy, I'm not that unobjective), and I haven't touched Strata in years.

    The moral is, If you own XSI, don't just tinker. Read the manual cover to cover. Figure out where they were coming from when they designed the workflow. It's true that most software companies are not actively involved in working in the industry, but they're not that unconnected either. Their goal was to make things easier for you, not frustrate you.

    This is true for just about every software company. So this is not an endorsement for XSI (I've barely looked at the program). But if you already paid for the tool, it seems a shame to just toss it.

    I'd also like to clarify that while my story left Strata in the dust, with the bigger packages like Lightwave, Maya, XSI etc., there's more room to use several packages for their strengths.


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    XSI Foundation license is not transferable.

    Stick with it, learn it, and have fun with it, maybe buy PointOven (when 1.4 is available).
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    Ask them for you money back! Tell them why.
    You respected my opion when
    I agreed with you.

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    What kind of problems are you having with it? Imo it was the best program I have ever bought. If you are having difficulty with the animation tools i cannot say anything cause I do mostly modeling with xsi(though everyone says the animation side is excellent). But modeling is great in xsi, so maybe it's that you haven't really given it a chance and just got bored when evertything didn't work the Lightwave way?

    I would say stick with it, maybe some day you wan't use mental ray for rendering
    or something else from xsi. You cannot transfer the license anyways so actually
    there's no other alternatives than to keep it. Maybe if you delete the serial key
    info from your computer and mail xsi to unregister you as a user so you wouldn't be
    able to get the serial anymore might do it to really get rid of it

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    well got a few votes in....

    overall it's just too slow and the workflow is all over the place... try the tutorial books...i have..they make a simple task really loathsome and longwinded...

    if i could see some sort of "point" to keep it installed i will but right now i'd feel better if i took the books, dvd's and box and set them on fire!

    i've had this for 9 months and have nothing to show for it as output...doing anything in this app is...well..not happening...maybe if it were my only app i would get with it..but in truth if that was my only 3d app i'd drop 3d...and go stack shelves in a supermarket........

    i really can't express how poorly i think about this app....and yet i have seen some good stuff done with it's capable for sure but "not for me" i prefer something i look at as a logical application....

    such as...

    corel draw
    i dvd
    i movie
    trackman [atari]

    maybe i'm just too old! [42] to get this "new kid on the block"....

    anyway...i feel better writing this out and love to see what is most popular
    if newtek don't delete the thread!....

    i may just film the most poular vote and sell the dvd's to recover my cost!
    ...hope it's burying it on top of a mountain! [peat bog] then someone can go dig it up s a prize!
    real name: steve gilbert

    Q - How many polys?
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    Nevermind. Nothing to see here.

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    well they have sold thousands of these £300 XSI apps but i am yet to see the xsi forum flooded with newbbies work... I played with the app and faild to be impressed .... i find there is tomuch of it hidden here and there with no listing where things are ... but it is a capable app and has had some real nice work done in it ... but to learn it - it is a steeeeep curve as most of the tutorials are starting at an advanced level or asume you have come from softimarge an know where half the tools are hidden ...

    result not impressed didn't buy it ...

    if you can do what you need to do in the apps you know then pass this one on to someone who wants it or can make use of it.... but not me
    You only have one life .... use it well ....

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    ...learn it!!

    Spend some time and read the tutorials, you will see later what you have...
    The workflow XSI/Lightwave is also pretty. You will see, modelling in Lightwave is more fun and artistic, you can continue to work modeling in lightwave, importing in xsi and using really great caracter-setup, rigging and animation tools. Rendering is also really great with MR.

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    Maybe the reason is that you are using other 3d apps at the same time.
    I bought xsi 6 months ago and it really was hard to stay away from Lightwave
    when things got tough, but eventually I didn't go back to Lightwave for help
    and stuff got easier pretty fast.

    But anyways, do as you like ofcourse Too bad the license is not transferable,
    maybe you should contact softimage and ask if you can give it away to someone
    who want's to learn it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drew_waylander
    ... but to learn it - it is a steeeeep curve as most of the tutorials are starting at an advanced level or asume you have come from softimarge an know where half the tools are hidden ...

    ... the included tutorials are verry easy, I dont know if you have read them!

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    Hmm i find XSI much more logical than max , ok thats just me.

    I use XSI often(RT Preview ect, or the really nice Texture Editor)) but not for rendering, for me it's LWs way more fast and intuitive (yes without nodal system).

    Someday i play in LW just for fun and create quickies(surfacing/render), that is IMHO in XSI/Maya/ect not possible.

    Yes, maybe fits XSI not everyones way of thinking, but it is every [your currency] worth.

    For me is XSI FND. a great addition to LW (trough PointOven), i know, a big plugin
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