hey guys I figured out what u need to do to get the EPS Exporter to work in Lightwave 8.2.1. Just get a copy of EPSExport.p file from Lightwave 7.0 input&output folder and copy it into the input&output folder in Lightwave 8.2.1 and say replace. Reload the plugin in Lightwave and it should work!!!

CAUTION***Trying things like this probably is not recommended by Newtek and could have the potential to cause other bugs or problems because the files may be slightly different, but I was desparate for a bug fix and this is working great for me so far!!! And also keep in mind that the .p file from Lightwave 6.0 or later should work not just Lightwave 7.0. Now we can all get back to UV Mapping the fun way!!!

P.S. When this old .p file loads it may be under the Additional menu instead of File>Export at first until u move it.