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Thread: Boxx and Dell for LightWave

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    Boxx and Dell for LightWave

    So I've specked out two *exact* systems for our next 3D workstation; one from Boxx and the other from Dell (I've looked at Alienware). For the same exact specs (listed below), Dell wants $5637 and Boxx wants $6869... OUCH!

    So why is the Boxx $1232 more than the Dell for the same exact system? What is the benefit from the Boxx that's worth $1232 over the Dell? I know that Dell doesn't list their motherboard types in each of their systems, but I can't believe there's many MOBO options to choose from at this CPU config. Then again I may be wrong. Nonetheless, I've not had any MOBO issues with all the many Dells I owned thus far.

    This isn't a "versus" post or about which is better. My facility is FULL of Dells, from workstations and notebooks and our render farm is completely Dell. I've heard great things about Boxx and don't doubt they're ability to perform, but why so much?

    System specs:

    Dual Xeon 3.6 @ 2MB Cache. 800 MHz FSB. 2 GB RAM. 250 GB SATA. Nvidia FX 4400 video. Both have 3 year warranty.

    Note: This will ONLY be used for 3D... no video editing, compositing, etc. That's performed on other systems (the OSX machines actually).

    I also have plenty of experience building my own computers (espeically during the Windows NT daze before Dell was what it is today) but building one would seem to cost about as much as a Dell anyway, minus the knowledge of what MOBO you're getting. But as mentioned, all my Dells haven't had MOBO issues anyway.

    I'd hop onto the Boxx Bandwagon in a second... if I knew why I was paying $1232 more for the same system!

    Any advise or insight?


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    You are paying $1232 more for the Boxx because of the name.

    Buy the Dell.

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    well, dunno... I still have a dual AMD from Boxx... runs 24/24 365days / year... never had one single glitch... so who knows... ask Proton about it, he 's a big Boxx fan....

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    main reason is Dell Inc., sales hundreds of thousands computers a day. Just in the Small bus. department they sale $2.5 Million in profit in a single day [I use to work for Dell] They can afford to drop their cost on computers as they are still making around $3000 off that computer.

    Boxx on the other hand is most likely only making around $2000 for their system as they only sale maybe a couple thousand a day if that. You are not paying for the Name just quality over quanity.

    Dell manufactures 25,000 computers a day at one just one plant. That is just the business based computers which is 80% of all Dell computers sold. It is all done by Humans in the Austin Texas at that plant.

    Boxx does not come close to that manufactureing number which by the way they are based out of Austin Texas as well.

    Dell can get parts cheaper than any other computer company, they buy them when the truck arrives at their manufactering plants. The trucks from say Intel arrive 3 times a day, say market share for 1000 volume of processors is 0.19 cents each. Dell would say we will give you 0.16 cents each per 1000 volume.

    Dell is a big company they can afford to spread the cost of their systems across different 'company' computers. [company as in small bus. home sales, government, educational, healthcare, reseller, et cetra] The cost is distributed to all customers and Dell in the end walks away with major profit per day.

    Boxx on the other hand is a small company built on quality first before quanity. Their systems are built to last, and if you buy 2 or more computers they will be exactly the same if you choose the exact configurations.

    Dell's computers are not [as stated above the buy in bult, the build so many computers that there is a high chance that even though you order 2 or more of the same configuration those 2 or more will have a chance of not having the exact hardware. [one reason why Dell does not list mobo goes in. Also depending on computer depends on what mobo you get. Harddrive, CDRW, DVDRW, Vid Cards are usually standard across the board. Everything else is made specific for Dell depending on computer design. As the Optiplex GX 260 will have a different mobo than an Optiplex GX 280, and the Dimension XPS will ave a different one compared to the other Dimensions. Each Class of is different they come preassymbled to lock into the case].

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    I would say buy the dell too.

    (or buid it yourself, I got a dual 3.2ghz with 1gb a few weeks ago for 1700$)
    (video card not included)

    Important :
    price of single xeon 3.2 is about 400$
    price of single xeon 3.6 is about 700$
    a difference of 400Mhz worth 300$ ? hell no.
    dual 3.2 vs dual 3.6 , 600$ difference... faster, yes , but not
    worth 600$ I think..

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    for workstation I would not get it from boxx.

    but I would get a renderboxx from boxx for sure, those things are amazing..
    (and good price/speed ratio I think)

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    I don't know if you spec'd the Dell on their website or you got a quote from a salesrep. Make sure you CALL the rep, because they always give a better quote then what is listed on the site, especially for a $5000+ machine. It surely is worth the try....And then it will be a lot cheaper then the BOXX.

    BTW I'm very satisfied with my fully spec'd Dual Xeon...
    Your FIRST impression NEVER gets a SECOND chance !!!!

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    Boxx systems are more expensive but I've had no problems what so ever with the 2 I use.

    I used to own a company that had nothing but Dell systems and every single one of them was crap...We had problems from day one and things just got worse.

    I prefer to deal with a smaller company that knows me buy name and not buy's a personal preference of mine...

    I've never heard any complaints from a Boxx customer but have heard plenty from Dell the end you have to buy within your budget and if you can't justify the extra expense then go with a Dell.....

    I'd suggest contacting BOXX and talking to someone like John Tobin and have him explain to you why there is a price difference...if you agree with what he says then buy a Boxx....if it still doesn't sound right to you then Buy a Dell...

    Never buy something unless you know what your getting yourself into....otherwise you will live with buyers remorse....

    Hope that helps.

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    One more note that I forgot about....

    Dell systems will ship with all sorts of OEM software that you don't need and just waste space....and try and remove's not fun. You can't even pay more to have them not include it.....they can't legally do it.

    Boxx systems ship with an OS and that's it...nice and clean ready for you to install exactly what you need .....

    seems like a small detail but for me it is key....I only want what I want on my system....not what the company has been paid to put on there

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    The Dell probably has a piece of <censored> power supply, and like proton said, ships with horrible OEM software.

    In my (admittedly somewhat limited) experience, Dell's hardware quality is downright horrible. Not things exactly breaking, as such, but the fans sound horribly, and they never use standard parts, so the only way to get it fixed is by Dell. Once the warranty is gone, if the computer breaks, you'll have to pay to get it fixed. You can just pop out the power supply and stuff in a new one you got from Newegg.

    On the other hand, Boxx might be just as bad.

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    I'm a happy Boxx user (1 3DBoxx R2 workstation and 3 Renderboxx's). Everything is 2 - 3 years old and there have been no problems at all.

    I didn't pay for these machines out of my pocket, but if I was going to get a new workstation for myself at home ... I'd seriously consider Boxx.

    Plus, each time the Boxx was delivered, I got a cool t-shirt with a great logo.

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    One note, Proton.

    Although by default the Dell machines come installed with...stuff, we'll call it. The Workstations I've purchased (about 20 in the last 5 years) have come with pretty much nothing but the OS. The key is only buying Precision workstations.

    That said...after dealing with the Dells...I'd like to try a Boxx.
    Allen Bussell

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    we have both here and I would say that both are good, as stable and powerful.
    boxx computer are usually good because they chose some of the best components.
    but I noticed their workstations are a lot overprice though. (compared to other brand with same specs)
    some dell have good components, just don't look in the 500$ range.

    to resume, don't compare a 500$ dell with a 2000$ boxx system.

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    to resume, don't compare a 500$ dell with a 2000$ boxx system.
    Good point, but I don't think it's too much to demand that a $1200 Dell will come with fans that don't sound like a broken vacuum cleaner.

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    Boxx is selling overpriced systems because they can't sell in the kind of bulk that Dell does.

    Sounds like Proton is on the Boxx payroll....

    I've never had a problem with either of my two Dell systems.

    As far as the OEM software goes, that's a moot point. I always install a fresh copy of Windows anyway and so I get rid of that crap right away.

    Buy the Dell.

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