So I've specked out two *exact* systems for our next 3D workstation; one from Boxx and the other from Dell (I've looked at Alienware). For the same exact specs (listed below), Dell wants $5637 and Boxx wants $6869... OUCH!

So why is the Boxx $1232 more than the Dell for the same exact system? What is the benefit from the Boxx that's worth $1232 over the Dell? I know that Dell doesn't list their motherboard types in each of their systems, but I can't believe there's many MOBO options to choose from at this CPU config. Then again I may be wrong. Nonetheless, I've not had any MOBO issues with all the many Dells I owned thus far.

This isn't a "versus" post or about which is better. My facility is FULL of Dells, from workstations and notebooks and our render farm is completely Dell. I've heard great things about Boxx and don't doubt they're ability to perform, but why so much?

System specs:

Dual Xeon 3.6 @ 2MB Cache. 800 MHz FSB. 2 GB RAM. 250 GB SATA. Nvidia FX 4400 video. Both have 3 year warranty.

Note: This will ONLY be used for 3D... no video editing, compositing, etc. That's performed on other systems (the OSX machines actually).

I also have plenty of experience building my own computers (espeically during the Windows NT daze before Dell was what it is today) but building one would seem to cost about as much as a Dell anyway, minus the knowledge of what MOBO you're getting. But as mentioned, all my Dells haven't had MOBO issues anyway.

I'd hop onto the Boxx Bandwagon in a second... if I knew why I was paying $1232 more for the same system!

Any advise or insight?