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Thread: Messiah and FPrime

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    Question Messiah and FPrime


    New to Lightwave. Need some advice? Need pro's and con's of getting Messiah Studio Workstation and/or FPrime 1.5? Are they worth it and why? Thanks!

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    For render previews, and for some scenes the final render, FPrime is awesome. If you spend a lot of time doing test renders for your lighting and texturing, then FPrime is worth it. If your renders are already really quick or you use a lot of shaders, then you may not feel FPrime is worth the money. The updated version of Viper has a mosaic rendering mode similar to Fprime; it's obviously not as good as FPrime but depending on your needs it may suffice.

    Messiah is awesome for character animation. There are so many little things that make the whole workflow a pleasure. Lightwave is capable for character animation, but even with the help of plugins like Maestro it doesn't come close to messiah. If you're not doing much character animation then don't bother unless you're interested in the renderer. However, your FPrime question implies that you will be doing your rendering in Lightwave, so you might be better off getting Animate instead of Studio WS. Animate has a built-in connection to Lightwave, Worksation only runs standalone so you'll need to buy Point Oven ($99) to get your animation into Lightwave. Point Oven is the preferred method for a lot of messiah users even if they do have Animate or Pro because it's more memory efficient than the built-in connection, but unless you're sure you want to go that route it would be nice to have another way to get your animations into LW.

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    Smile DaveW - Thanks!


    Thanks for the info. So, If I understand this, I should go ahead a get FPrime and then work my way into Messiah (use lightwave for animation) later as I advance?

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    If you're going to be doing more rendering than character animation, then yes I would get FPrime first and wait on messiah until you need it.

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    Smile DaveW Advice

    Thanks! Do you have any other advice for a "new" user? Plugins, training etc?

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    If you're looking for Lightwave training, there's a bunch of good stuff at kurv studios, and wordware books and TutorFX has some cool particle tutorials for real cheap.

    For messiah Joe Cosman has some great training CD's at Cafe Press and they're very nicely priced.

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    It is what I'm lookng at.

    How's about therendering in Messiah? faster than LW. I guess Messiah would diffinitly slower than F-prime in rendering, but how is it comparing to LW rendering?

    It's because LW start showing more and more problem on my machine, crash a lot and the link between Modeller and Layout seem to be broken, clicking modeller in Layout, it crashes modeller and some time kills layout too. Also, the sending to layout buttons gray out in Modeller.


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    I don't have messiah studio yet (just ordered the a couple days ago). The renderer really isn't complete, although it has been used in some film work. The GI rendering is very fast and high quality, but on simpler non-GI scenes LW is sometimes faster, but that's true with FPrime as well. Basically, which of the 3 renderers is fastest will depend on what you need to render. You may want to go to and search the messiah forum for posts about the renderer. Pay attention to the version of the renderer they are talking about though, as it tends to make significant leaps with each update.


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