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Thread: The reason behind this

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    The reason behind this

    Is there areason for typing in this fashion. example, Arm_Upper01_RT
    I'm referring to the score lines and the caps.It seems every tutorial,it's done this way.I do understand that clear naming is essential,and that it should remain consistant throughout. Is this just accepted as the industry standard? scott

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    It makes it easier to find certain ones when a list is long. But long time ago spaces were hard to work with when copying to floppy (CDs were only for the rich ) and it kinda just hung on

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    also there could be some trouble with screamernet.

    using "a naming convention" will speed up workflow with the time. (if you work with rigg presets, etc...). So its not a bad idea getting used to it.

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    Spaces are still not good for computers. They make the command:

    delete delete me

    difficult for the computer to understand, whereas:

    delete "delete me"


    delete delete_me

    is a lot easier...

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    ok,thanks.good information. scott_human_01


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