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Thread: Patching holes in meshes.

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    Patching holes in meshes.

    Patching holes in meshes.

    I am making some models that are going to be printed with 3D printers. But my meshes have to be water tight. Meaning that they can’t have any holes in them. After spending a lot of time checking out each and every point, and finding a lot of holes, and fixing them . I found out that there are still holes in my meshes.

    I have looked on And have found some plug-in’s. I have checked out all of them. But the only one that can do what I need so far, is Cap Hole Studio . The demo only works on objects that have 100 points or less. The last time that I checked on the price for the full plug-in. It was $150.00. Now I see on there website that it is only $100.00 now, A much better price.

    I am hoping that someone knows of some other options that I could check out.

    Thanks in advance

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    Did you try puttygon ? Otherwise you might wanna try FI's_Oextender to hunt down the wholes in your object. It won't patch them, but it will select the boundaries.


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