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Thread: Spline help

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    Spline help

    Hello, sorry to bother all of you with this question, I'm new, and I have been building a ship using splines. I've done the top and bottom in two seperate layers but the splines don't line up, but all in all the model looks good. I was pretty sure that I used the same numbers when I patched it.
    My question, is there any way to fix this now that this part of the model has been built? Or will this realy matter when I texture it?
    Thank you for your time.
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    I don't know what happened to the attachment, but I am having a hard time viewing it.
    What I usually do is put the splines in one layer and once a section is patched, I move the patch to a second layer. Once all the patches are in the second layer, then I merge points and if needed will created terminating lines to mate to the lines that don't line up. Terminating, meaning it goes to a corner. They need to teminate only if you are sub patching. Because sub patching does not support n gons.
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    Thanks for replying Silk. I fixed the image, but I sat here tonight thinking about some of what you had said and read a few of the other posts about patching , I was patching the model at 50x50, found out I could patch it at 4x4 and then subdivide. The model looks alot more professional and cleaner. lol I'm such a noob.
    Again thank you for your time
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