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Thread: Procedural Maps

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    Question Procedural Maps

    Is there anyway to create procedural maps, i.e. "turbulance, fractal noise, etc"?
    And where are these located within lightwave folder? I'm using LW 7.

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    How do you mean Create procedurals? If you mean program them, you can write lscripts or c plugins depending on your skills.

    For the less programming adept, you can use various node based shaders or look for other procedurals on

    I recommend VisualTextures and IFW2 from, two worthwhile purchases.
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    Do you mean how to add them as a texture? In the surface editor, you add a texture to a channel, change the texture type to procedural, then pick your procedural. The manual should explain how to do this, or a tutorial on the web will.


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