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Thread: Need Ideas for virtual set!

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    Lightbulb Need Ideas for virtual set!

    Greetings Lightwave wizzards. I need some ideas for a virtual set I want to make. I really want something bigger than life! Here is how I plan to film myself on my set.. I plan to do the shoot in a large gym and set my 12x16 blue screen up and set my camera up so a good part of the gym floor will be in the frame as to get me walking on it. I will be at a distance from my blue screen and will be able to walk to and from the camera. My set I want will have to intergrate with at least part of the gym floor and I want it very realistic. I want something to the effect of big projection screens in the background and something cool for the sides of the screens like metal structures or something. I would like to include different camera angles too but I'm not sure how I could make it work. I need something really cool and "SUPER HUGE" with a very dramatic impact. Any ideas on this would be most helpfull indeed!!!!!

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    buy some virtual sets to get started

    there is a guy called "Pratt in the Hat"

    He is Eric Pratt

    he runs

    You can reinvent the wheel if you choose, but I bet he already has what you are lookin for.

    As far as a realistic look, he has the schtuff.

    As far as your question......I am not near good enough in LW to pull that off.

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    lets see if this helps for ideas for your setting..
    I am working on a stage for a band (cgi ABBA)
    and on each side of the stage I have 30 foot tall speakers with flashing lights and fireworks coming from the side and also from overhead, Large stage towers with spotlights and for the back I have the screen wall,which is a 36 X42 poly (36 ft tall X 42 ft wide)
    now follow as this is kinda difficult to explain without showing;

    After ya make the Wall screen and have made the 1 big poly then ya have to cut the poly into 3X4 sections of even numbers,
    Say 6 wide and 6 tall so ya end up with 36 sections, (this is my size so you may need different but keep it 3:4).

    Now bevel them with NO depth and an inset of 2 inches.
    now grab (highlight) the 36 sections (not the small beveled lines) and smooth shift them and drag to the rear of screen 1 inch.
    while still highlighted, cut them and paste them to a new layer.

    You should now have 1 layer with the frame and 1 layer with 36 individual polys (6 across and 6 down).

    name the frame layer surface 'Frame'
    name the 36 poly layer 'Full screen'

    now copy the first 3 across and 3 down (from left) (should have 9 total) and copy them to next layer and name them 'Quarter Top Left)

    Back to the 36 poly layer and highlight the next 3 across and 3 down (9 total), copy and paste to the next free layer and name them 'Quarter top right'

    Back to 36 poly layer and highlight the bottom 3 across and 3 down, copy and paste to a new layer and name them 'Quarter Bottom left'

    then do the last section of 9 polys again to a new layer and name them 'Quarter bottom right'

    You could stop here but I went a step furthur and did each individual screen and named each of them individually (number 1, number 2, and so on for all 36 on a layer of thier own.

    If you stop here (quarters) then here's how to work the wall screen.

    Save object as 'Wall Screen Setup'

    In layout load it.

    move each 'Quarter' screen back 1 inch from the camera.

    texteur the 'Full screen'

    texture each 'Quarter screen' with something different

    now as you animate ya can move each 'Quarter screen' behind or in front (1 inch in front to 1 inch behind) of the 'Full screen' so that ya have different scenes playing as ya need.

    So what I am doing (to give ya some more hints) is to use the 'Quarter screens' for closeup video of the individual members playing on the wall behind the band, and the small numbered screens popping in and out with any photos I could find of them textured to them individually.

    This all takes individual rendering of the complete song with a camera on each (for the Quarter screen) then the 'Full screen is textured with the word "ABBA".
    The Quarter screens are then mapped with this video and now when the camera moves around the stage showing the whole band, ya can see the individual closeups in the background on the wall screen stage, and then ya can see the photos popping in and out of that too.

    That's how I run a wall projection screen.

    there is another way to run 1 main screen and walk into it in 3D but thats another posting

    Hope that gives ya some ideas

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    Thank you for your input on a virtual set! That really sounds like a very cool set indeed! I do want to make my own rather than buy one. I like the idea of the multi screens and have a basic understanding of the set you discribed. I would be very interested in seeing a render of you set if you would like to share. The fireworks should go very well with the band but would not go well with mine. I plan on putting my friends and family on the screens that do not know the Lord and having a serious talk to them in an attempt to perswade them not to make the eternal mistake of rejecting the Lord Jesus.
    Your ideas will no doubt be a help to me. Thank you. John

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    No problem.

    I have some pics from previous renders I sent around for critiques and will look thru my stack of CDs that I burn to save stuff and find them.

    Ya have a cool idea there

    And if ya want them to interact with any animations ya might make then let me know and I will tell ya some ideas to make them go into the anims

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    That sounds great to me!!! I have a limited but slowly growing knowledge of lightwave so any help I get from the animation masters is very much appreciated. The virtual set I want will be used for the last part of a video made from my month stay in the Philippines I took in January this year. I visited with friends of mine from New Tribes missions and visited tribal people, hiked volcanos, and got allot of great video. This video will go out to quite a few people in different countrys and to my friends and family for free. I would gladly send you a nice DVD when it's done if you are interested. Thank You, John

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    The trick is the VT2.
    Beacuse of Aura, unless ya have something else that will 'Paint' onto video, but I know of only Aura.

    But here is a quicky...

    Do your regular filming of whatever scene ya are doing.

    Where ya want your person to interact with it,( And we'll say ya have a video of a few people standing around for the sake of this example).

    Second step is to film yourself in front of the blue screen, lets say walking from left to right and in the middle of the shot you turn your head towards the camera.

    Now ya have two sets of video.

    In the Toaster Edit, play original video untill you see a spot you want to walk thru and look at someone from behind,(as if that person is now in front of you).

    Do a Razor cut just before and just after this spot.
    Save this section as walkthru1 and write down the timecode fror the beginning and end of this clip,(taken from the original).

    close Toaster Edit and open Aura,

    load Walkthru1

    copy that layer to another layer

    load your bluescreen walk

    move that layer to between the other 2 layers

    so you should have your walkthru1,bluescreen,and copy of walkthru1 listed in that order.

    on bluescreen layer, remove the blue by using color keying from dropdown menu and do the full lenght of the shot.

    Now for the top layer (original video) make it 50% transparent.

    now click on the bluescreen layer so you can work with only that layer.

    move timeline untill you see yourself just starting to go past a person you want to go behind.

    Because the top layer is 50% transparent you should be able to see just where you touch that person.
    With the eraser, erase any part of yourself that touches the other person.
    do the next frame and so on till you completly walk past and out of the scene,(actual frames ya work on should be short if you just walk and don't stop, maby 10 or 15)

    Now delete top layer

    You should now have the bluescreen as 1st layer and film as next layer.

    if you did all correctly then when you play it out you will see yourself walking in front of crowd and going behind the one you erased yourself and walking in front of the rest till your out of scene.

    CONGRATS !!! you just did rotoscoping

    Now you know how to set up a video, walk onto screen and turn to camera, have the title of the film come onscreen in front of you while you spread your arms out and 'SEEM' like your putting your hands on the title words and resting...

    step 1..Do video
    step 2..Do yourself in front of bluescreen
    step 3..Do title in LW and use black as bkgrnd
    step 4..Set Title first in Aura, remove black
    step 5..set yourself next, remove blue
    step 6..set video next
    play out and see yourself between it all ....

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    That croma key rotoscoping idea does indeed sound cool and I will explore that further. I'm in no rush to get the project done so I can take my time and try allot of stuff to get it just right. Thank you! John


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