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Thread: Can't wait!

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    Can't wait!

    Just ordered LW education along with Dan's LW 8 course.
    They were very helpfull and patient with me as I'm ordering from Australia.
    Haven't done any 3D for a year or so,so I'm looking forward to learning LW.
    I might need some help along the way

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    I can’t wait to see what Mattclary
    thinks of your tatoo

    And welcome to the community
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    Looks more like a buzz cut to me!
    Seems to make sense, you can even dye it to be modeler or layout!

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    Hope it doesn't Offend LW users?
    But it's a PS cut really

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    Quote Originally Posted by lesterfoster
    I can’t wait to see what Mattclary
    thinks of your tatoo
    LOL! I at least waited until I had been using LW a while before I got my tattoo!

    No one is offended, Z1000. Welcome aboard. Make sure to let us know if you decide to go for the real thing.

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    lol Now I see
    I really like the LW logo and I see mattclary does as well.Nice Tat.
    Yer I cheated with mine I will wait until I can use and get along with LW before thinking about getting a Real tattoo

    **** I hope my LW 8 gets here soon!!


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