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Thread: C++ and STL with the lightwave SDK?

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    C++ and STL with the lightwave SDK?

    Is it possible to use C++ and STL with the lightwave SDK? I'm not a current lightwave user but I'm considering porting my plugins. Also is it possible to have a look at the SDK before purchasing?


    [URL][/URL] | [URL][/URL]

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    The Lightwave SDK is written in C.

    If you wanted to use C++ with LW you would most likely need some type of wrapper.

    Or you could write your own. As for STL... due to you having use/create a SDK wrapper, the question more becomes "Would it make sense to use it in a library? In particular a 3D Library, and even more so with LW wrapped in C++?" I would think the answer to the first is Yes, the second is Most Likely, and the third one ... I don't really know. It would depend on the implementation... most likely No due to the C underpinnings, but don't let me stop you...hehe.

    The SDK can be found on the install disc(s) or in an update. You might be able to find it as part of the Demo Software, but Newtek would know more about that. Give them a call at 1-800-toaster for more info.

    If you need a tester that knows some programming (NOT that I would be looking at the source, just helping test and report error messages) feel free to drop me an email.
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    Thanks I'll check out those links and see if I can get a demo from Newtek.

    [URL][/URL] | [URL][/URL]

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    You can surely use the STL with the SDK, I do sometimes. Do have a look at the provided links though, they'll hopefully guide you through some of the pitfalls.



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