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Thread: Flat Panel Monitors?

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    Flat Panel Monitors?

    Unfortunately, in the last week, we've lost two of our Computer monitors, (in different places, just a coincidence). So After pilfering our storeroom for temp use, I gotta go buy a couple.

    Not having researched them lately, I'm hoping some of you guys have recently.
    I'm looking at 19-20" Flat panel, for GFX and Editing.
    I don't want to spend a bundle since I gotta buy two. But not looking for the cheapest either!
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    I just did that

    Got 2 Envision flat screens (dual setup )
    cept I was GONNA get some 19s' but I got 2 17s'.
    And with those sitting on one side of my corner desk and 2 19" CRTs on the other, it isn't bad (the 17s).
    The lost real estate isn't really noticable (because of the way they measure CRTs and Flats (LCD))

    19s really measure 18.25 and 17s really measure 17.

    Using them on the VT compy

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    I have this one...

    One of the best buy I ever did
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    Best place is I don't know what resolution you like, but it's the best place to get stuff like that.
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