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Thread: Making DVD hehe not as bad as you think

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    Wink Making DVD hehe not as bad as you think

    I am using the TMGeng software to convert the RTV to Mpg and is working great like everyone here on this board says. My ? is I just bought Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator Vr. 6 that allows you to create DVD menus but I heard in the past that Easy CD Creator does not run properly with Video Toaster is this correct? I dont want to install this software if its going to create problems.

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    You just need to make sure you don't install their packet writing component that allows you to use a CD like a floppy disk, that's the part that will mess up any system that is used for NLE, not limited to the Toaster.
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    The packet-writing part of that package is called "Direct CD" and Scott is right - don't install it on a Toaster. EasyCD by itself is fine...
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