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Thread: render fo DPS velocity

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    render fo DPS velocity

    Does anyone know if lightwave will render a file format that will load into DPS's Velocity editor?
    If so What format for the animation?

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    Velocity stills, anim

    The best thing to do is go to their website and look up the specs for specific info.

    However, DPS and Newtek go way back to the Amiga days (1993ish)with the DPS Personal Animation Recorder (PAR). So you won't have any problem. For years the PAR was the way to go for Lightwave Anims to video on a budget.

    Then DPS kept developing and for a while before the advent of DV and firewire, their Reality boards were the budget solution to non linear editing.

    The Velocity should... well I don't know what their current board is but the new one I believe will even do HD. Anyway you will be able to render as single frame sequences and import them into the Velocity and convert to a video stream or you can render an AVI from lightwave. It will import that. It will also support just about any still image format as well for those anim still sequences - so you will be fine.

    They also have a cool file system that automatically converts stuff from any format on the fly and keeps only one file but has it available as multiple formats - check out their website!

    It's just a matter of what your final output from the Velocity is. If Hard Drive space is an issue and you are going to output as a video image then you should render as an AVI and it will be compressed and ready to go.

    It all depends on your target format and whether you are going to edit with other video footage - though the velovity board should handle multiple formats in one project just fine.

    Good luck
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