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Thread: VT4, DVD WS, TMPGEnc ac-3?

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    VT4, DVD WS, TMPGEnc ac-3?

    i'm about to make the plunge into VT4, mainly because:

    - in-sync looks they are dying and won't be around much longer, so editing in SPeed Razor seems to soon be defunct;

    - i really need an authoring program with ac-3 capability!.

    now, i know DVD WS offers ac-3 conversion, but does it rely on the TMPGEnc plug-in (which requires a tricky internet connection for validation) or is it a plug-in of their own that stays away from the TMPGEnc version?

    also, what is the status of the latest VT4 patches, issues? in other words, how "stable" is the main version, and how well are the patches doing?

    j. tad newberry

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    Check these guys out. Just so you have some thing to compare the VT[4] with.


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