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Thread: help, toaster crashed my system!

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    help, toaster crashed my system!

    help , anyone..
    as i was trying to use direct draw to set the toaster output to play windows media files, i messed around with the toaster's settings.
    after a restart the computer crashed, and is into a crashing loop.
    it starts to load windows and then the bluescreen and a message:

    cannot load the hive file
    system root/system 32/config/software

    anybody has any idea what to do?


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    Are you using XP or 2K?
    I think XP has the ability to go back to the last working config, but I'm not sure how.

    I know this sucks, but you might have to re-install windows.
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    thanks for replying

    im using win 2K,
    tried the last known config.
    didnt work..

    but thanks anyway,
    any other thoughts anyone??

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    Re: thanks for replying

    Originally posted by gamad
    im using win 2K,
    tried the last known config.
    didnt work..
    any other thoughts anyone??
    You can manually copy your good files, which are backed up.

    for details on how to do so, go to this Microsoft support link
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    Try doing a repair first, it may not work, but is worth a shot.

    Insert the Win CD in your CDROM and boot from it.

    Let it get to the point where it asks to do a repair or setup windows. Just hit enter to setup windows. It will then look for previous versions, you'll know if it finds one.

    If it comes back to a creen for partitioning drives, then a reapir will not work, and you must follow Paul's directions.
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    thanks again

    i see your point,
    i was kinda hoping to fix the registery, but i tried it and no such luck.

    anyway, thanks for all the response,

    any other idea's from anyone?



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