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Thread: Some trouble with 8.1 and Hypervoxels

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    Some trouble with Hypervoxels

    Since I installed 8.1, some scenes do not load. Seems to be related with hypervoxels or particles. Beside a scene of my own, 'type21' (surfaces), 'Skull_bot' (hypervoxels), and some other HV scene from LW8 content make the layout crash on loading.
    LW 8.1, winXp pro. Tried on another computer with Win2K : same problem.
    Any idea?
    Went back to 8.0 : no changes. Not a 8.1 issue after all. Must be some plugin issue
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    I've only had this issue once, and it happened to be today. The scene file loaded fine in 7.5 but wouldn't load in 8 or 8.01. I had applied HVs to an object itself, not using the object as an emitter, just using the HVs on the points/vertices as a texture. When I did get the error message crashing LW 8, I got it on the gcore8.dll. Only thing I've been able to find is if I don't have the legacy plugins loaded, it loads fine 95% of the time. Still get some crashes but nothing like I did before (everytime).


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