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Thread: Welding

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    Hi guys.
    I have a good question for you all:
    Does any one know if there is a way to have several points welded independently?

    By this I mean, not weld them all in a single place, but rather to weld overlaping points, all at once instead of having to identify and weld each of them at the time.


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    Press 'm' to merge points -
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    Merge will work, if they are perfectly aligned. If the points are slightly off, you can lasso select the points then weld. Also I think merge can be set to manual, so you can change the offset, like I said, I think, as I have not played with the setting for the merge tool in the numeric panel, very much.
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    Yes, within the merge numeric panel you can enter a distance value and it will merge points that fall within that distance in case any of your points are slightly off but I wouldn't recommend using it because you might merge points you don't want to. I would just turn on subpatch and you'll see where the points aren't connnected.


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