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Thread: Coming Soon...LightWave 8.2

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    Will the spinning light tricks or interpolated radiosity tricks work with the new AA's?

    Subsurface scattering is absolutely needed!

    Also, a gradient based on the diffuse lighting of a pixel with respect to all lights or a specific light would really help people adjust their skin shading easily, without the use of any fancy rendering technique!


    Someone put this in the wish list

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    Quote Originally Posted by Para
    Including shaders would be a direct feature needed by the game industry and I know only one OpenGL game which uses OGL shaders (Doom 3) - most of the games are nowadays Direct3D anyway and all the amazing shader work can be seen in those. It's not a matter of which one is better, it's just a matter of which one has more potential users.
    Hmm, that's a good point I didn't think of. I only said open gl because it's what lightwave uses, and it carries across to the mac users, but I can unserstand that game devs would use it.

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    perhpas im out in left field...
    as an addition to the current options for antialiasing...
    a nice simple option for antialiasing might be to have the same selection options as "edges" on the property menu of the object... ie: silouette, surface edges etc...
    this would allow each object to be antialiased independantly (if wanted) and could also be put on the camera properties panel as a global effect (that overrides all individual object based settings, if one does not wish to set custom antialiasing on each object).
    just an idea.

    Awesome to hear that updates are int he works!!!!
    Daniel Young
    [email protected]

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    LW needs very big improvements to be near the top

    Before Version 9 , I hope Newtek will think of architectural visualisation, because it is still very far from some other 3d packages. LW8 is a gift to character animators. But there are many missing points that have to be fixed. I and some other friends had mentioned before and I here define again some of them:
    -Instances in Modeler.
    -Block / External Reference (in Autocad, Viz, Max) have to be considered and have to be put in LW anyway.
    -Aligning and translate controls in Layout should be improved.
    -Snap tools should be added. (Midpoint, Perpendicular, etc.)
    -Working with edges must be easy, etc.......
    Newtek have to hire someone to check CAD softwares and understand what point they are today, and add LW new features.
    I wish Newtek considers architectural visualisation, not only movie and tv industry.

    At least, Newtek should announce that LW will be specified on character animation. And we shouldn't wait for improvements in our branch, and start looking for another package. Sorry, but I have to define that, I still think the upgrade of LW8 is disappointing, and will leave using LW unless satisfactory upgrades are not made until LW9.

    Newtek should work hard to make these improvements, because i know it isn't so easy to do.

    I like to use LW, but only in small projects. I still use Autodesk Viz for big projects, because of instances, blocks, external references.

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    LW 8.2 sounds good! Anything happening with the open GL problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tesselator
    It didn't say so in the release info Peter posted but there is a FREE set of tools
    you can use to accomplist this in Lightwave!

    See this thread for details:

    Or go directly to Marvin's site for the docs and download

    Oh, I have the normal mapper plugin already...I guess my request for a future update would be for advanced collision FX on complex objects such as an oil drum. Or perhaps an option that would allow me to bend something like a pipe or making the door bend when some guy ripping through it, a la Doom 3..

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    Fantastic news!

    What a team!

    [URL=]Mitchell Library[/URL]

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    And let's not forget about fixing things that's been "broke" since the ver. 7.5 updates. Namely Cycler.

    And there's been lot's of other reported bugs that need resolve as well, especially in Motion Mixer and Scene Editor panels. There's numerous specific threads on these elsewhere on the forums. Hopefully NT are paying attention to everything.
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    We are trying to get improvements out as we finish them and sometimes what we get to first is not dictated by market pressure or personal preference.
    There are dependencies we have to be aware of as we re-write and do our best to avoid the design mistakes made before.

    With that said, there are many tool/feature "commonalities" between architectural visualisation, tv/movie, games.....ect.
    Any of the items on your list would serve ALL of our users in one way or another.
    Many of our customers use LightWave for different types of technical, industrial or artistic visualisation not just character animation.
    A lot of their great work ends up in print , intructional videos, interactive media....... things other than movies or tv.

    We are working VERY hard to make improvements, but these improvements are not just feature based. Many are core to LightWave's functionality and it's extensibility.
    These improvements will not only allow NewTek to provide new tools and features faster but also 3rd parties who's interests and future lay in more specialized areas.

    I hope you keep LightWave in your production pipeline as one of the tools that helps you stand out in your corner of the graphics world.


    Peter Jespersen
    3D Project Manager

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    The Most Bang for the Buck award still goes to LightWave.

    It can do more with less investment than most packages. For us basement animator types, that counts for a lot. As for us developer types, we know it's simply not possible to please everyone all of the time. Offering a streamlined method for third parties to offer the newest, shiniest feature is a great alternative.

    Party on, NewTek!
    So much water, so few sharks.

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    Exclamation And Parkinson?

    Hi Proton!, we fix this problem in 8.2?
    Really is a serious problem in productions with many characters.
    Maybe hidden feature "IK step size"?

    more details about this big problem in:

    Sorry, upgrade its great!, new features are welcome, but i think that some problems need attention.


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    Gee... I must have misread the title of this thread. I was under the impression that it was a product announcement, not a call for Feature Requests. Come on people, use your friggin noggins, that's why you've got them - place your feature requests where they belong, not here!


    PS - I know, I need to update my signature, but I'm busy

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    Quote Originally Posted by P Jespersen
    We are working VERY hard to make improvements, but these improvements are not just feature based. Many are core to LightWave's functionality and it's extensibility.
    These improvements will not only allow NewTek to provide new tools and features faster but also 3rd parties who's interests and future lay in more specialized areas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tesselator
    Versions are denoted using a standard triplet of integers: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH


    There could also be a 8.21.0, so don't forget to add that extra dot

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    Great effort and news Peter ! The UV sub patch "fix" alone is just awesome - there's nothing I love more than a software company (or 3d proj. manager) that has the vision to address old "core" issues instead of going for the "more features quick buck".

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