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Thread: Coming Soon...LightWave 8.2

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    LightWave 8.2 Status

    To all you dedicated LightWavers:

    When I accepted the job as 3D Project Manager at NewTek a couple of months ago, I made a couple of forum posts and told you I was going to do my best to implement changes. Among these would be:

    · LightWave development would have a more open line of communication with you, our users.
    · We would listen and do everything in our power to provide you with the tools you need to do your jobs better and faster.
    · We would look at all aspects of the code for improvement, including deep core changes.
    · Advances and fixes to LightWave would be steady and made available to you more often.

    I said it then and I’ll say it now: good, solid development and putting the processes in place that make it possible take time. With that in mind, I am very happy to report that we are nearing completion on the first new Feature Update public release of LightWave [8], version 8.2. This new version of LightWave includes some fundamental changes in how things are handled within the code; some of these are issues that have existed in LightWave for years and have now been resolved.

    In this upcoming build of LightWave you will find:

    Significant Changes to Render Engine!

    Powerful new anti-aliasing methods have been added to the renderer, which produce high quality images much faster. Extensive new filter options available in the renderer provide much greater flexibility to control the look and feel of an image/animation based upon the type of scene you’re rendering.

    New UV Texture Options!

    Major changes have been made to the UV tools, including Subpatch-Interpolation options. Using these new interpolation options remedy texture distortion when using subpatches with UV maps. These interpolation settings are user selectable, and may be changed at any time with interactive feedback.

    Editing Discontinuous UV's is now possible without the need to unweld. All vertices may be selected and edited. Additionally, UV Texture display now supports Sketch Color, which makes for greater visibility of UV maps over images. The UV display colors are also a benefit when displaying and editing several UV maps at one time.

    SDK Changes!

    In our quest to make the life of third party LightWave developers a bit easier, there have been approximately 22 additions/changes made to LightWave’s SDK. This is the start of a general re-work of the SDK that will give developers the ability to provide better and more powerful plugins to the LightWave community.

    As always with NewTek and LightWave, these interim builds are free to our customers. As a registered owner of LightWave [8], all you have to do is go online and download the update when it’s posted. The update is still a few weeks away, it’s currently in extensive beta testing, but with the holidays coming we thought you all might like to know that there is a gift coming from the new LightWave development team.

    Watch for William “Proton” Vaughan to be posting videos throughout the coming days and weeks to illustrate some of these advancements. I am honored to be a part of the new LightWave development team and this amazing community.

    Best wishes to you all.

    Peter Jespersen
    3D Project Manager

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    A very non-negative, non-condesending, extremely complementive "HOORAH!!!"


    (I will come back to LightWave3D when the support Linux. Linux isn't going anywhere, guys. Time to accept it!)

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    THANKS PETER! To you and the rest of the team at Newtek for all the hard work!

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    This is great news! Here is a quick test on a UV map that used to give me problems. All I had to do was choose Subpatch as teh interpolation setting Easy peasy!

    I know this one will be a big hit with many of you character guys
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Great work guys... keep the progress going!

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    Back Flips! Applause! Way to go!!! No more baking UVs and workarounds!!!
    All the best,
    Lee Gabel
    VFX Journal

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    Will 8.2 have edge weighting?

    "All war is deception." - Sun Tzu

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    Peter, this is amazing news!!!

    Thanks for the information and when can I get my grubby hands on it I know a lot of people who will just eat this up!!!

    Thanks NewTek, looks like an update that should have the few waiting to update... updating!!

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    As promised, here is a sneak peek at some of the new updates.

    Adding the Interpolation Options to the Interface


    Vertex Maps Panel Updates

    Be sure to note thinsg like Real time feedback, Color UV's (oh yeah!), and being able to display and edit multiple UV's at one time

    More to come! This is so awesome my character's UV maps thank the entire Dev team

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    how about subsurface scattering?

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    that's super sweet! Thank you guys!

    Back you robots! Nobody ruins my family vacation but me!

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    This is really great news.
    Fixing the subpatch distortion factor has taken up many pages of forum discussion and I'm finally glad to see it be resolved. The colored UV's are an added bonus on that.
    I'm sure that many people who were waiting for some changes to the render engine will also be happy.
    But most of all, I'd like to think that the changes to the SDK are perhaps the best news. This could open up all new kinds of possibilities to plug-in developers as well as future updates to Lightwave in general.Perhaps what a plug-in writer couldn't do before, they now can. Hopefully this will help Worley bring FPrime a little closer to integration with Layout information.

    Certainly my thanks goes to Newtek.

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    *Dances around the room*

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    Really really exciting stuff. Doing away with unweld and distortion...awesome stuff. "Extensive filter options" eh? Maybe that means the PSD export got some lovin...

    Hopefully Mr. Worley has been working on and with the SDK all along. I wonder if they managed to open Shaders up to Fprime? Integrated G2/Fprime would be um...really cool. Thanks for the update!

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    Peter and Proton,
    Thanks for keeping us in the loop. It means a lot to know you guys are right behind us. Keep up the excellent work.
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