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Thread: When can we get the new LW SDK?

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    When can we get the new LW SDK?

    Are they developing the new SDK with Steve Worley?

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    Development of LightWave (including the SDK) is handled internally. Outside sources such as users and developers (including Worley Labs) provide useful information on which to base new features and improvements to the existing product.


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    It's widely reported that LW 8.2 has approximately 22 additions/changes made to LightWave’s SDK. I imagine that they would release the new SDK docs at the same time. It's logical that changes/fixes have to be documented somewhere.

    Of course, no one outside NT has a clue about the 8.2 release date; but hey, I'm eagerly awaiting the release like everyone else.
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    Documentation will be released along with the new SDK at the same time. The new SDK headers will also contain more documentation within.


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    I once heard a rumour that we'll be getting 8.2 within "the next few weeks" (this was about a week ago). Of course, I have no idea if there is any basis for this, and I've also heard somewhere else that it would be available at the end of the year.

    The sooner the better

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    That was no rumor, that was an announcement by Chucik.

    Christmas break isn't here, yet, so don't fret would be my suggestion.

    We'll probably get the sdk at or near the same time we get 8.2.


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