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Thread: Model Irene in 3D

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    Model Irene in 3D

    A few members at cgtalk wanted some pix of Irene to model in 3D...they aren't the best but should sure to visit our behind teh scenes gallery in teh about us section to get more reference pix.....
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    one more on the way
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    hope this helps
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    mhhh....should i start with a simple box ?

    i think lightwaves (including all the other apps) toolset is not build for that "challenge" ....

    where the hell is the "beauty" button in modeler???

    bye andras

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    What an interesting idea of grabbing some girls, "can i make some pictures of you, i wanna modell you"; well if it works (damn, where is my camera).
    So when can we expect an "irene king screensaver" or some desktop pictures

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    I think that would make a good contest. At least I think the judging would be able to be a little more objective since it would obviously look like the person or not.

    I don't suppose there's another front view shot without the smile is there proton?

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    I'll see what I can do

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    Well, I followed this from CGTalk and thought I would post. I attached a large composite with it scaled and lined up as well as what I got done after dinner tonite. Hope to see more "Irene" models popping up.

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    Hello Proton,

    Can we get a front view of her not smiling so we can line it up to the side view?


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    Who's Irene? And what is "teh" relation to 3D/Lightwave/CGtalk ect.?

    Lamont G
    Artist Ubisoft Osaka/大阪

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    I believe she's the Manager of World Sales for Newtek...Here's an update on my work over on CGTalk its a avi turntable of the model.



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    She is super hot too. I'll give it a go.

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    The texturing is fantastic, really looks realistic. But why did they align the model on the X axis?

    Can't wait to see this character fully rigged and animated!


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    Not where you are
    i dont do orgain stuff (yet)

    however teh is baddly speld the



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