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Thread: Moving Texture Maps

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    Moving Texture Maps


    I am trying to map an image onto a disc object and then make several of them with the array or clone tool. When I try to do this the texture
    does not map in the correct position on the copied objects, but instead
    the object moves through the texture.

    Is there any way to lock the image texture and copy the objects with the texture in the correct position.

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    Textures in LW are locked to the object- coordiante- system.
    To make this work, you have to either use UV- maps, or clone the object in Layout, or give each disc its own surface and therefore its own texture- coordinates.

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    Thanks for that.

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    If you are trying to surface the discs in Modeler you may still have problems since Modeler does not keep track of point coordinates in the same way that Layout doesl. For basic surfacing it works fine, but anything involving maps should be done in Layout.

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