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Thread: Beginning in demon's head texturing

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    Wink Beginning in demon's head texturing


    well I finally decided to achieve my demon's head, so I start here with a basic skin texture, I still need to add some eye's texture, scares, and many details... But for now It's the beginning so what do you think of it?
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    Cool, i like it! Intresting to see what type of eyes you put on it..
    How does it eat with its mouth like that?! hehe

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    Aside from the texture stretching along the sides it's a good start. Looking forward to more.

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    Very nice cant wait to see it finnished.
    uh wha?

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    I don't get the mouth. I assume he can't talk or eat?
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    As far as his mouth goes, maybe he oozes a digestive enzyme onto his prey and slurps it up like Jeff Goldblum in the fly. What difference does it make?
    More importantly, maybe he's dead and doesn't have to eat.

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    he's a 3D model, he can't eat or talk!

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    What? 3D models can't talk or eat? Am I missing something here cause I talk with mine all the time. We even have lunch on occasion.
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