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Thread: Request for LW Demo Edition

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    kurtis and chuck....

    The sale is great for those who have decided to purchase LW....

    how about thoSe that haven't?

    While I was at the Newtek booth at siggraph, I overheard a potntial customer (most likely having comefrom competitor's booth) ask if there was a demo available. The NT Rep said no, almost appologetically. The customer asked if there was one online.. again the answer was no... The look on the customer's face was one of lost interest.

    If one want to try LW, what does one do?

    I can try hiudini for free...

    I can try Maya for free...

    I can try Cinema 4D for free...

    Softimage is not free, but its not $1595 either... and it includes training material too....
    [links removed]

    I don't see any such incentive on the part of Newtek. I don;t understand if its a securityor legal issue to have a crippled version of Lightwave available.

    If NT is worried about LW getting pirated with a demo out there? don;t worry..its already out. I just checked. There's the LW CD, instal, manual...heck I even saw a Lightwave 9 ...don't ask me what that is/ And i;ve never done this before... I literally did a search for file sharing software, Downloaded their free demo (almost ironic) and did a search for Lightwave while I typed this. unfortunately, its that easy....

    Point is I don't see any advantage for NT not release a demo. just none...

    In an ideal world, NT would post the demo for DL, with the option of purchasing a starter pack: have it be a CD w/ LW and some content, along with the start up manual ( the small one) that you get with a LW purchase. Make that $20-$25. Say for $35, people get dan's book with the LW demo.

    i'd say that is failry competative and would do a tremendous jov ofpushing LW to new users....

    Thanks for listening....

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    A LightWave [8] Demo Edition is in the works. We are reviewing the approach we have used with demo editions in the past and may change that. We also want to insure that the experience is the best possible, with appropriate tutorial material included.
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