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Thread: Anyone else using NEW Apple 23" Cinema HD Display?

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    I have only tested the 23" monitors, not the 20".

    All the new 23" monitors that my Apple store had showed the same problems (slightly yellowish left-right sides when viewing white and slight blue vertical band just left of center when viewing gray)... The Genius and all the customers we showed agreed...

    The only older plastic 23" monitor that they had didn't show these problems...

    The first 23" monitor that I got from MacMall had the problems so bad, that I returned it. (the posted photos were from that first monitor)

    The second monitor I got by returning it through the Apple store also has the same problems, though not as bad as the first...

    The blue discoloration is just left of center...
    The yellow discoloration is only on the right and left sides...

    If you didn't purchase anything, you may not be using them long enough... The longer I use the monitor, the more noticeable the problem gets...

    According to the threads, a number of other people have had the same problems and have returned their monitors. The replacements have not been much better...

    Ge4-ce was also able to reproduce the problems on this monitor...

    Yes I did both the tests.

    With the white background, I see what you mean..

    The gray issue however.. Yes, I notice a small band little coloroffsett. I must say however that it is very difficult to see, and therefore (for me) Not important.

    But you're right!
    The yellowish sides disappeared on his when he changed his viewing angle (mine gets better, but doesn't disappear fully). The blueish area near the middle was very subtle on his and didn't bother him...

    Others have also been able to confirm the problems...

    I have over 15 years of CGI experience and have used many different monitors... regardless of the reason, these monitors have had the worst color consistency of any that I've used so far... I have never complained about the color consistency of any monitors before... I am also a BIG Apple supporter... ;-)

    Anyone else out there actually own one of these new 23" monitors?

    If so can you do the white/gray background tests and let me know if you see the yellowish sides on white and the bluish discoloration just left of center on gray? When using LightWave full screen, do you notice any color variation across the screen from left to right?

    I'm trying to see how many other owners of these monitors have the same problems (or don't) to determine if I should return it again.

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    Hi there
    This is my first post on this here. I found the forum because I was doing a search on "Mac+23+display+colour+problems"...

    Having read this thread I've had almost exactly the same problems as MikeS.

    I even asked for (and got) a replacement display from Apple, and it's got exactly the same issue.

    I'm gonna call Apple and see what they will do about it. I'll let you know what they say...

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    My take....

    I was just at the compUSA here and I viewed the display with a dark and light gray desktop.

    I didn;t see any of the gross discolorizations that people mentioned here. I did see a slight yellowing of the sides (23", BTW) from about a foot to a foot and a half away (about 0.3 meters to you metric people). there was also a slight darkening of the corners.. kinda like a less exaggerated version of what happens with a laptop screen.

    When viewing an actual image, or a busy desktop (even a gray one), you would be hard to notice. This is not considering the displays mentioned above that ARE defective... Just my random encounter with one.

    Personally, my problem with LCDs are the black levels. Between the required back lighting and the frosty texture of the display, you get a sort of milked out blacks. I'm curious if you compare an unpowered CRT to an unpowered LCD if the screen of the CRT is darker?

    Of course this can be countered by the much touted brighter nature of the LCD when seeing a typical images. So then you will see more relative contrast as the brightest whites exceed that of a CRT, thus making the blacks LOOK blacker. Problem comes when you look a dark image.. i.e. no higher than 20 or 30% luminance. You suddenly lose the advantage the brighter LCD and you are looking at a milky dark image.

    The pitch is that when you go to the Apple store and start looking at the sexy displays with images, you are hard pressed to judge them. They are designed to make images look great. This is far from the requirement of a reference display which is designed to display the image accurately. The LCD's offer a brighter display, a sharper display, and I believe a wider gamut than a CRT phospher display. Yet I can;t get over this black level issue.

    I use a Sony XBR wega CRT display for DVD's at home. The softness of the set is turned down and the blacklevels from the DVD are set to 0 instead of 7.5 IRE. The images are beautiful. I have yet to see a plasma or LCD give me such a rich image...they are brighter and sharper (to the point that you can see all of the comparession artifacts) but not richer.

    Back to the LCD, they do seem more prone to picking up the ambient lighting than CRTs, as CRT's screens are darker by nature. For me.. LCD''s are convienient for powerbooks, and they make great iMac screens for the family. As far as professional graphic monitors, I believe the jury is still out. While CRT's drift, LCD are digitally accruate, but they are also Digitally milkier too!!!

    This is all subjective of course, but it might shine on problems here or open up the discussion..
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    False advertising?

    Excerpts from Apple's own literature on the new displays:

    "Apple Cinema Displays deliver sharp text and stunning colors from edge to edge."

    "Not only do Apple displays offer advantages over CRT displays, but they also offer advantages over competitors LCD displays. Apple works closely with suppliers to specify wide-format designs that meet the requirements of creative professionals"

    "Many factors define a color-accurate monitor. For example, a monitor must be able to display a broad color gamut that is consistent from edge to edge and over time, no matter where it's located. In short, it must provide accurate, predictable, and consistent colors."

    "Equally important is that it be able to display that broad color gamut over the entire screen, over a wide range of physical locations, and over time."

    "Apple's display family offers excellent color uniformity over the entire screen, both from top to bottom and from side to side. An important reason why edge-to-edge color uniformity is possible with recent LCD designs is the development of wideviewing-angle technologies."

    "When you need to manipulate color in any media, image distortion is simply not an option. Analog conversion problems caused by a VGA connection become progressively worse as you move to monitors that have higher resolutions or longer monitor cables. These issues fade away with an all digital signal. DVI transmits a distortion-free digital signal from a digital location in the graphics card to a digital location on the display’s screen. This digital connection gives you the full clarity and stability of liquid crystal technology — with sharp, clear pixels from edge to edge."

    How would you guys rate you experience compared to this advertisement? Is it approach BBB levels? I, for on, am getting impatient with the exageration of these claims coupled with Apple's return policy.. a 3 day no questions asked is something that would show confidence on behalf of Apple regarding their products...

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    I have 2 21" Princeton 2010 CRT monitors. One of them (secondary) has a big area on the right that is greenish/grey. Degaussing it does nothing. This one also isn't that sharp in that same area. If I make the entire desktop White, I see areas of discoloration in the main monitor too, but not nearly as bad as the secondary.

    Personally, I can't wait to get 2 23" Cinema Displays. But it's subjective. Maybe I just have crappy CRT monitors...

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    This article includes a (subjective) test for your screen..

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    I think I'm leaning towards two 1600 x 1200 LCD monitors of a different brand now...

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    This article includes a (subjective) test for your screen..

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    After a few weeks of use, the replacement monitor is just as bad as the first one. The yellow sides are a little better, but the pink on the left is worse...

    I've posted new photos of the replacement monitor, along with a simple test you can do to see if your monitor has these problems or not...

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