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Thread: New Plugin: Image Editor Plus

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    New Plugin: Image Editor Plus

    Ok, it actually is an LScript for Layout.

    Unlike the original, it allows you to edit your Images in an external application. Like Photoshop, HDRShop, AfterFX, anything that is an .exe and can understand commandline arguments.
    No digging through deep paths on your drive anymore. Just select the image and send it over...

    Key features:
    - 4 fully configurable application slots.
    - You can load images.
    - Multiselection.
    - common Keys like Arrow Up/Down for browsing the list.

    Works in LightWave 8, PC only.

    Get it here:

    It also requires Mike Dailly's awesome TextureReload plugin (Thanks Mike!):

    It is Freeware, off course.
    If you like it, and feel generous today, you might consider making a donation of 5 bucks or something:

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    Very cool, thank you!
    A couple of requests:
    -Could you add the ability to display the images alphabetically, by size, etc.
    -Is there a way to have an image selected in your editor get selected in the Image Editor?


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    Quite a few nice new plugs lately from LWavers. Awesome.

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    thanks guys,


    Yeah, alphabetical ordering crossed my mind. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing what is selected in ImageEditor or selecting something over there from out of my script.

    Other things I might put it:
    - a filter that shows only textures of the currently selected object.
    - making it non-modal, a Master Plugin that is.
    - adding Support for Digital Fusion/DFX+ (very tricky).
    - an alternate thumbnail browser view.

    For right now I concentrated on getting it stable. Still labelled Version 0.7 , though...


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    will your plugin allow animated filters, etc, like the real image editor?

    talk to NT!

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    Its not a replacement and not meant to be.

    Just a plugin that can spawn external apps, and the look & feel like Image Editor was just the most logical way of making an interface that everybody will find convenient.


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    Many thanks Blochi I can definitely see this one coming in very handy indeed.

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    Thank you.

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    Will this work in Modeler?
    Lamont G
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    one thing i do miss in lightwave that's a option in max is to crop the image in the material editor [lw read surface editor]

    is there anyway to have a crop image capability in image editor or some other plugin...the one in 3dsm max is a "live crop", it doesn't save out a new edited image just applies your crop setting in the material editor for you.

    would be nice as i use this feature all the time in max.

    anyway cheers for the plugin..i'll take it for a spin this weekend

    steve g
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    cant wait for a mac version of this?

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    Humm ... Mac and Modeler,both good points.
    I will look into this.


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    maybe a stupid question.... but I thought that unlike xxxx.p the xxxx.lsc worked in both platforms...?
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    true, but

    a) It makes a system call to the OS.
    b) I haven't checked it out yet.
    c) It relies on Mike Dailly's Tecture Reload plugin which IS a .p ... so at least the "Reload Images" button won't work.


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