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Thread: Dynamics problems

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    Dynamics problems

    I can't seem to add a collision object to my scene. When I try I get an error message stating:
    "No plug-in of type CustomObjHandler found with the name FX_Collision"
    I've loaded, reloaded, and reloaded again, every plugin in the LW8 Plugin directory, I don't know how many times now, but it doesn't help.
    It looks like all the other FX_*** files are there, but I haven't tried every type of dynamic object yet, so I'm not sure about that either.
    Oh, and the Collision option has disappeared from the Dynamics menu entirely.

    Anyone else run into this? Please help.


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    Same problem

    I'm having the same trouble.. I've done a scene with some dynamics, i've turned off the computer, and on the next day, I couldn't load the scene, and I couldn't even make new dynamics, allways having the same error. I've got Lightwave 3D 9.6 Mac Version. Please, Help.


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