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Thread: Shadow Gradients

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    Shadow Gradients

    I think an overhaul of the shadow options would be nice.

    a) introduce Gradients to the Shadow options...
    change intensity of shading based on:
    distance to object (casting).
    distance to camera.
    distance to light.
    distance from shadow center.
    gradient along a x, y, z axis

    other ideas:
    b) colour modifier per object... so object a can cast a grey shadow while object b casts a bluish tinted shadow. I know this can be done with varying light colours but it would be cool for non realistic stuff to use different coloured shadows.

    c) colour on self casting.

    d) shadow combining... normal, additive, etc
    so for example one shadow can merge with another essentially forming one shadow when they overlap. (as an option) would be better is cartoony type stuff... prevent the 3 tone shadows of shadow A, Shadow B and the overlap having a different intensity.

    just some ideas that would be cool.
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