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Thread: Subpatch pinching on cartoon character

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    Post Re: Before freezing

    Originally posted by euge04
    Why is it better to freeze an object and then bring it into layout? How is this different than bringing the subpatched object into layout? Doesn't subpatching the object merely break it down into smaller polygons during rendering anyway?

    Thanks for all the help. Slowly but surely I will learn Lightwave through and through.
    Well, their are advantages and disadvantages to both methods.

    Firstly, when one does NOT freeze sub-patches before loading them into layout - LW will treat the mesh like a nurbs surface meaning that everytime a bone deforms the mesh or the mesh changes, it is "re-calculated" so you'll possible have less pinching and such... When you freeze your working with a pure polygon mesh which is fine also, but you cant change the density nor do you have the benefit of the mesh being re-calculuated every time it is deformed.

    You could freeze your sub-patches at a super high level, say 10 and then it will be dense enough for bones/deformations but then your pushing a million polygons through your bus.

    I learnt to use straight polygons first because they were what I was familar with since I started with Truespace but I hardly ever use them unless I am making certain objects. Here is one benefit to sub-patches.... You'll have to model in edge details to catch light properly and sub-patches have nice edges that do this pretty much automatically. Model a box with straight polys and then use this mesh to make a sub-patch version (you may want to make slices to make it look like a box rather than a sqaurish blob) and the compare them in modeler... See which one is more visually interesting... The sub-patched version is all busy glinting while Mr. Poly will require massaging.

    MY 2 Cents.

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    There is definately no arguement that subpatches are the best.
    not to mention in LW [8] you can have the
    subpatch level vary depending on distance from camera....
    so automatic detail enhancement or simplification depending on distance... a great render/detail optimization!
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    Makes sense

    Makes sense to me. Thanks!

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