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Thread: LW & 3D Gamestudio ... Export/Import

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    Question LW & 3D Gamestudio ... Export/Import


    has anyone had any experience trying to get LW models into 3D Gamestudio (as a model and/or as level geometry)?

    I have been saving models as .3ds and then reading it into the 3DGS model editor (MED), but it loses all surface material information that way.

    The other approach I have (unsuccessfully) tried was exporting to .3ds and then using "3ds2map.exe" to convert it into a .map file. Trying to read this into the 3DGS world editor (WED) results in a "syntax error"

    Any ideas ?


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    Get the DirectX export or the 3DS export from

    No one seems to agree on how to handle the 3DS format.
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