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Thread: Camera people..

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    Camera people..

    I have a VideoTOASTER (3) with the breakout box <BOB>.

    What I need is good camera people to help me with my live video productions. So far I have made good just by picking some one and putting a camera in to there hands.

    But what I think would help is if I had some good camera people to help me. How do I fined good camera people?

    I know that I am only as good as those who help me. So I am looking for camera people who are better than me.

    And I am hoping that some of them want to try the VideoTOASTER switching so I can go on the camera once in a while.

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    I take it you're not looking for highly paid proffesionals at this stage. If I was in your position, I'd look around for photography courses or photo/videographic enthusiast clubs in your area. Not only would you pick up techniques, but you may well find some experienced people willing to give you a hand.

    Hope that helps.

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    hey there,

    I'm up for the task, I'm good with camera work and also very agile with a VT[3].

    I live in Montreal though. Don't know if that's too far from you or not. I suck in geography.
    Have a Great Day

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    I'm in the UK but I'd move in a flash if you can offer full time employment

    But T-light has some good advice.

    Another thing is like anything else it's pratice, I've over 10 years in the photographic industry (stills) and resently moved over to doing DVcam work the first few were not very good as I was trying to use the cam as a still camera (very little movement) but it was just a case of studying DVD's of the things I was filming and taking in what and how it was being shot and take it from there, things have really improved since and also it's been a big help with learning timing for editing as well.
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