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Thread: Desperate for help

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    Desperate for help

    I've got all nodes talking to the host, the job files are happening, the ack files are happening.

    I hit render and everything chuggs away......................but then all the nodes say that the frame took 0 time to render...............and there's no frames on the hard drive.

    I've got my content directories right as far as I can tell, but the processors are working hard at producing nothing.

    I've downloaded demos of butterfly net and Tequila Scream, and the same result.

    All drives involved are mapped.

    So I don't know what it could be...............but I need some help.


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    a suggestions better than nothing

    Its totally new to me too but anyway
    I was having a similar problem so I started again... and followed this tutorial (its a pdf at the bottom of the page):

    and after mouch effort.. (double and tripple checking eveything) I got it to work. (Well almost 'cept my problem with transparancy.. but i posted that)

    so maybe this will help.. I hope so.

    It would help if Newtek acually paid a bit more attention to this forum as it seems they don't offer much assistance!

    I cant believe you posted this query 7 days ago and didn't even get one offer of help!



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