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    Maximize windows

    This is perhaps a minor annoyance, but it is still annoyance for me. When I open modeler or layout, the bottom part of the interface (with many buttons) is always hidden behind the windows toolbar (as shown on the attached screenshots). I have to maximize window each time I start either module. Is it possible to have modeler and layout to always start in maximized state or remember previous state?
    I do not want to move the toolbar, I like it on the bottom and I do not want it to auto-hide. I need the windows toolbar on the bottom all the time, so auto-hide is not an option for me. Any insights? Does anyone else experience the same thing happening?
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    Yes you can have LW and Modeler stay in Maximized state.

    Do this:

    Find the LW and/or Modeler program icons.
    Click on them with the RT mouse button.
    Click on Properties.
    You should see a windoew pop up.
    Select the Shortcut tab.
    Where it says "Run:" choose Maximized.

    You should be all set now!

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    Thanks, that worked!

    Anyway, it should open maximized (or in last state used) without any system "tricks"

    I've never seen any other program do that.

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    LW seems to be the only program that does it this way.

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    Actually, the problem with the bar coming in front of an application is a peoblem in a lot of programs, especially when a new piece of software has ben installed. There is also a setting for the windows task bar which is supposed to prevent the bar from coming in front of a running application. The problem is that it is just a bit buggy, and seems to rest itself when a new program is installed.

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    The problem continues. The settings in the desktop-icons work fine, but when I launch Modeler from Layout, it is still in the not-maximized version.
    Are there any tags to the startcommand in the LWHUB8.cfg to make it possible there, too?
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