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    Hi, sorry to bother you all with this question but I need someone's opinion. Since I have had lightwave I normally messed around with layout and dabbled with simple models in Modeler. So I'm still pretty new to building more complex models in Modeler.
    And what I am trying to build is a ship that sort of looks like the sub from Seaquest DSV. So my question is this, what would be the best way to model this complicated shape? Splines? I would really like some ideas.

    Thank you in advance. :-)

    Oh just incase you can't remember what the SeaQuest DSV looked like here are a few websites I found images.

    Seaquest DSV image 1

    Seaquest DSV images

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    Number One thing to do is get some better images!!

    It's really important to get good reference images and orthographic images that you can model over. If you can't find orthos, draw them yourself from the reference images. If you try to model it freehand, you'll find that you have to do things over and over because things don't fit, it will take 10 times longer and still not look quite right. If I were you I'd scour those links for some blueprints.

    As for modeling, I'd use the technique I learned here:
    where you draw splines over the background image, then patch it low-poly, convert to sub-patches and add detail. Not to hard ~
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    Oh, not going to build the Seaquest DSV, the images was just to give an idea of the shape I need. I already have drawn out the front part of the ship. I have tried to model it free hand and you are right, done it over and over again and still couldn't get it right. :-)
    Thank you so much for replying. I'll be reading through those pages. :-)

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    Cool - I'm no pro modeler or anything, that tutorial is the best I've ever seen. I made the Mercedes (in my avatar) by following it, he makes everything easier than it looks.
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    I just purchased the above book and find I like it. It offers a good way of learning to model both in Sub-Ds or Splines and does so without really using a specific program.
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    I bookmarked that page, I'll look into buying it this weekend. :-) Human modeling and animation is another thing I would like to learn how to do. Thanks. :-)


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