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Thread: Rigging Tools

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    Rigging Tools

    After being extremely frustrated trying to setup my own rigs in LW 7.5, I recently bought the Thomas4D rigging tools soon after my copy of L[8] arrived. All I can say is wow. In under thrity minutes I had a character completely rigged and animating away. The tools are well thought out and the controls are exactly where I expect them. I am dutifully impressed.
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    Thanks You bbowman WOW great to hear it
    I very happy to hear My tools Have helped your work flow

    I will always be improving the tools and in the coming weeks I will be releasing V 1.7 That to current user is a free update .
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    I ordered these tools a week ago and all I can say is that these scripts are really great. The best part is that the final rig is posable without any extra plugin. Extending the rig also works like a charm.

    Can't wait to see future versions.

    Regards, Christian.


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