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Thread: BRazil like Renders with LW8

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    BRazil like Renders with LW8

    I have been a Lightwave 3D user since LW5.6. Recently upgraded to LW8.0 and have not found an answer to creating Brazil (3D-MAX) like Renders.

    For Instance, Especially with Cars that have a "Full-Body Wrapped" texture applied to them..

    I can do it in MAX, but quite honestly I hate MAX and it was a waste of my Money as far as that goes, Sure it gets done what I want, but I don't want to have to the spend the money for 2 programs to get a simple result that Lightwave should have no problem doing once a solution is found.

    Below are some examples of what I am talking about.. All these have "FULL-BODY WRAPPED" UV Textures applied to them (meaning 1 UV Texture makes up the entire Body design/decal)

    You will be able to tell the ones done with MAX Brazil. Now how do I get lightwave to do the same thing?

    Justin Jacobs
    NASCAR Contract Artist

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    Sorry, but I don't get what your problem is. LW has Radiosity rendering, it has lights, reflection maps, specularity & so on.

    What exactly is it that you can't achieve in LW that you can in Brazil? What difference does it make how you UV map your cars?

    Maybe you could show (and label) an exmple of what Brazil is doing for you, alongside the LW result that you are getting.

    The only difference I can see in the renders above, are that No1 & No3 look like they have a better Reflection Map/Environment map setup, though that may be more to do with light / map & camera angles.

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    #1 and #3 are Brazil Renders from MAX.. #2 #4 are Lightwave Renders. I can't seem to get a good "Wax" Render in Lightwave using a single UV Texture for the entire Car.. Now if I don't use any Texture on the car and Render I can acheive a Nice Waxed look. But once I place the texture back on, it's gone..

    I know Lightwave is capable of doing it just like Brazil, I just am not sure how to accomplish it currently and that is my problem..

    Is there a scene file out there that someone has that can replicate what I am trying to do so I can look at the settings and see what I am doing wrong? Or a Tutorial maybe? Don't get me wrong, I can get decent renders outa Lightwave, just haven't been able to accomplish the same "Waxed" look yet.. Especially on a White "SHOWROOM" style Render like the ones above..

    I am missing something, and I have no clue what it is.. Any help would be greatly appreciated..
    Justin Jacobs
    NASCAR Contract Artist

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    Looks like you have reflection turned right down, or there's nothing for it to reflect.

    There are car paint shaders available from the net too, I know a user called Antti Järvelä has created one that renders the paint and laquer layers properly, but it's not on general release, he may send it to you if you ask him nicely, he's a nice chap!

    His website is here:

    You can produce nice results from standard LightWave though, here's a very quick test!
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    OK...the first thing is that in LW it doesn't have to do with your UV texture.

    You applied the texture under the color tab I take it right? OK go to that texture and try these things if you are using radiosity:


    First try these steps before the next:

    Up your specularity and glossiness settings

    Go into image viewer and load your reflection map.

    hit F5 and bring up the backdrop tab.

    Next add under the add enviroment tab, either Image world or Textured Enviroment. Apply your texture to either one (the produce diffrent resaults but start with image world).

    do a small test render. You should get some nicer refections, but depending on how bright the image is that you used in image world, there maybe blowout of lights.

    Here are some adjustments to make:

    Lower the brightness setting in the image world plug-in

    Up your reflections settings a bit, to say 24 %.

    Lower your diffuse settings just a bit.

    Change your color temp. to compensate for the diffuse channel changes.

    (it's important to have these settings equal roughly 100%, but play with diffrent values until you get what you need).

    Do another test render.


    Have you applied your reflection map under the enviroment tab of your surface? Try adding a sphereical map to that.

    These steps should get you headed in the right direction. If you still need help please do two things if you can:

    Ask more questions here.

    Get FPrime.
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    Here is a little scene for you to download. I set it up to illustrate what I was trying to explain. Nothing fancy pants...
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    Another thing to try is adding one or two lights to the scene.

    In their properties turn everything off (including shadows) except specularity and set to affect only the body layer.

    In this case I would suggest 2 or 3 linear lights positioned above left, centered, and above right parallel to the object and ~ 1.5 times the objects length.

    You might also try adding similar lights parallel to and 45 degrees above the nose and deck.

    A lot depends on the rest of the scene setup but I've found these spec kicker lights to come in handy at times. In particular some scenes I did using the same setup but tweaked between daylight and dusk - just had to tweak the rad' amount and kicker light settings.


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    Wacom should be writing tuts for Newtek.
    His suggestions will get you there.
    My only addition would be to try a couple of large white luminous polys above the car/truck, to give it something big and white to reflect. This will get the effect you're seeing in the Brazil renders, with the nice big white reflection.

    LW is certainly capable of this.


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    You could also get ok reflections using just gradients and you wouldn't even need raytracing...

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    Its definatly closer than I have been before.. I found that after I put in the gradients I have to make them 25% transparent on both color and diffuse in order to see the Texture Map that covers the entire body for car.. I also had to make the Luminosity for the Texture of the Car 80 to 100% to have it show up..

    I also tried exporting the car with Textures from MAX which was a disaster to say the least... I was hoping to get acuracte shader and texture settings from MAX into lightwave, but that is obvkously "Wishfull thinking" at best..

    Any other suggestions or settings to try? I know that the renders will not be exact to Brazil, but I want to get as close as humanly possible...

    The biggest thing I think that Lightwave has trouble with at least in this case is that the entire body of the car is texturemapped with 1 texture a .tga The tires, and rims are seperate textures for different parts.. the car body is all the same Texture.. Hopefully there is a work around this...

    I have read every Lightwave Book I have and tried almost all of the suggestions and tutoirals for such things with little results..

    I noticed that it seems washed out, but that could be a simple setting I guess (just don't know which one).. And ideas on what to check and or change for that?

    I think this will be a ongoing task getting tips and hints from all of you, until I achieve my goal.. But this is a lot better start than I have ever had, and I appreaciate all the assistance and help!

    Just need more I guess..

    Thanks again, and I hope to hear more ideas,and suggestions from everyone soon..
    Justin Jacobs
    NASCAR Contract Artist

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    gradients are your friend your last image there is certainly well reflected, but not in a real world sort of sense. reflections grow in strength as the surface turns away from the viewer/camera. the gradient to use in the reflection channel is incidence angle. you have control over both an alpha application of the reflection as well as it's opacity. the control, and thus the mistakes are yours to zero in on.

    also google lw and car paint and reflection or some combination thereof. all the reading will lead you to the incidence angle gradient. apologies if you already know this, but haven't seen screenie of your texture editor.

    (btw, that looks like a COOL job
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    Originally posted by NASCAR3D

    I found that after I put in the gradients I have to make them 25% transparent on both color and diffuse in order to see the Texture Map that covers the entire body for car..
    No! You put the gradient in the spec and reflection channels, using incidence angle as the parameter.

    Anyway, why aren`t you using the BRDF shader? I`m sure it comes as standard with LW.

    Again, when in doubt, look at the comprehensive material in the LW content folders. There`s sure to be some cool car body surfaces waiting there for you to analyse.



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    The following are my Surface Settings, Light Settings, and the render results of these settings.. Its getting very close.. But I want to "surpass" not look identical to the First Images I posted.. I know it possible, and with you help I can get it there.. I appreciate all your input so far!

    Settings are as follows:
    CarBody: Lum=0, Diff=90, Spec=100, Gloss=85, Ref=10 Tran=0, Translucency 1.0 Smoothing and double sided on.. NO GRADIENTS

    Lights (only 1 light in scene):
    Light Type=Distant
    Color=255 255 249, Light Intensity=0.0, Affect SPec and OpenGl Checked
    Global IllumSettings:
    Global Light and Lens are both 100, Enable are all checked
    Ambient Color 251, 252, 243
    Ambient Intensity=0
    Shading Noise Checked
    Enable Radiosity Checked
    Type Monte Carlo
    Intensity 100
    Rays Per 4X12
    Indirect Bounces=1

    LightBox Object: Lum=300, Dif=100, Color=200,200,200
    Rest is 0 on this surface, no textures, or gradients..

    Floor Object: Dif=100, Color 236,245,255 Rest is 0

    Sky: Color 255,255,249 Lum = 100 Rest is 0

    SkyDome: 255,255,255 Lum=120 Rest is 0

    Render Options: Realistic, All Checked but Depth Buffer AA, Ray Recursion at 3

    Here is the Results of these settings:

    I searched Google for hours, and found no Lightwave Car Paint Presets or shaders,, I found tons of MAX, but no Lightwave

    I am very happy with the Results so far, but I want to go further, as I said before Surpass the MAX Brazil Results show in the first posted images..

    I still have a little "Washout" in the headlights and on the Hood.. not sure how to fix that..

    More Suggestions, Comments, Rants, etc?

    Thanks again..
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    Justin Jacobs
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    Just adding the fast fresnel shader to fix the reflection and specularity at glancing angles should help alot!

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    Upload the scene file and let us all have a squiz at it..

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