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Thread: field rendering

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    field rendering

    Does field rendering affect a background plate?
    (ie: a pre rendered sequence.)

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    I'm assuming that since a background isn't an actual object and lightwave can't know how far it is from the camera, that it would not do depth of field. however, if you put your prerendered sequence on a plane, it makes sense that it would do depth of field on that since it knows how far away it is. Also if you're doing a sky, i wouldn't recomend just using a background, i'd create a skydome/skybox. However i could be wrong. Lightwave could simply assume the background is the maximum distance from the camera. I've never done it before, but that's my feedback on it.

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    if you were talking about broadcast fileds (i.e. a field b field) and if Lightwave splits them up in the rendering out a sequance then the answer would be yes it does affect them and splits them up accordingly
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