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Thread: 1ST bug i found, HardFX, help?

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    1ST bug i found, HardFX, help?

    I try to attemp to add HardFX to a character, and then when i try to chance the peice mode from parts to 1 piece, it freeze completely and i have to end the program from windows, anyone else have thi problem?

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    It acaullt works but it is going Very Very Very slow (Took about 2 min to change the peice mode). Is there anything i could have done to make it lag, are the any setting i can change to stop the lag cause i don't think it is my computer.

    My computer specs are:
    P4 2.8 GHZ 800MHZ FSB
    1GigaBit of PC3200 DDR Ram
    Geforce FX 5800 with 128 MEgaBits of ram.

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    I think it was becuase the object had a high poly count. Is there a why to speed up the dynamics besides lower the subpatch view thing?
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    if you're doing hardfx you could use a low poly cage for the calculations, and apply the motion to the high density cage


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