being a new user of ik booster and reading the help file on it i'm really quite confused to the following!!!

i understand it's another way the ik rig a model with one click and know what ik is so no need to explain that...just why was it created and what is it's main purpose in day to day character animation over standard ik rigging methods we can use now.

what is ik booster?
when would you use it?
what are the advantages of ik booster over standard ik in lw8
what are the disadvantages of ik booster over standard ik in lw8
when and how would you use ik booster in combination with standard ik.

was/is ikbooster really made for use with bone dynamics or also for character animation as i'm finding ik booster to be VERY unpredictable in use with characters [sample rigged one's] and setting up feet to stay planted even with "fix" active the feet are fixed but they continue to rotate rather than stay put...

a full tutorial on character animating with ik booster would be nice as so far it just looks like a "gimmick" and not production worthy for walk cycles...it's great to ik up in "one hit" but the unpredictabe nature of using it so far is putting me off!!!

any info on ik booster usage would be good
as currently i feel there's not enough info on it to get good first time results with it...i think it need explaining a bit better..the help file seems to describe things i isolation not as a workflow method for rigging up a character and animating it....
maybe i need to re read it again....

any help woud be good!