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Thread: LW8 Help system problems

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    Unhappy LW8 Help system problems

    W2K w/SP4, using Opera 6.06 as default brower.

    Exploring the help system from Layout.

    The web help system redirects to the Lightwave product page, no help in evidence. Is this a website-not-ready situation, or a problem with redirects?

    The online help system (i.e., Help>Contents) fails miserably. The URL is badly quoted, such that Opera tries to open three separate pages, one of them named "8", and one of them ending with LightWave_Eight_Help.htm%22 . Notice that the closing quote has been incorporated into the URL itself.

    When I manually reconstruct the appropriate URL, the navigation sidebar is completely missing in Oper 6.06. It does work in Opera 7.23, but that's not my preferred browser. (Opera 7 mail client is radically different.)

    However, even in O7.23, it's really, really slow. The first three or four times the sidebar displayed itself, I thought it was deliberately designed to display itself line by line as some sort of Flash special effect. After playing with it a bit more, I realized it was just agonizingly slow. And this on a dual-proc Athlon MP 2800+ machine. I have vague memories of Windows 3.1 file explorer on a 12 MHz DOS box behaving about like this...

    I would like to fix the broken URL in LW8 so online help would launch properly, but could not find this in any of the obvious configuration files. Surely it's not hardcoded into the program?

    By the way, while I appreciate the work that went into such a fancy navigation system, it's got at least one really obnoxious flaw. Namely, the first time you search for something, the context (TOC hierarchy) is flushed. Using browser back and forward buttons does not keep the TOC in sync, even if you manually redisplay the TOC with the Contents button. Since there are no breadcrumbs or TOC hierarchy navigation aids on a page, once you lose context you basically have to start over from the top to figure out where you were and continue reading related topics.

    This is a case where lower-tech and less-clever would have been a much better solution. I truly hate to ask, but have you got an old-fashioned, 20MB PDF of the manual? It's going to be faster to search and browse than the online helpfiles.

    Stu F.

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    Proton or someone said last week that the online help was on hold for a short time, It'll be up soon, but they're worring about getting it out to everyone right now.

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    I think your going to find out it is because you are using Opera. Since you're using Windows 2000, try using Explorer and see if you have the same problems. I beleive that Explorer is the browser that the help system was designed for. Don't quote me on that though, I am only guessing.


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