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Thread: pasting endomorphs

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    pasting endomorphs

    Is it possible to paste an endomorph?
    I've built a head, that's been tweaked by the Art Director for about 2 weeks now. I want to do a quick endomorph, to show how much the head has changed. The new and old versions have exactly the same amount of polys, just arranged differently. I tried pasting the new head into a layer, and then creating an endomorph, then deleted the head and pasted in the old - no luck.

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    Load the old head and copy and paste it into a background layer of the new head. Use background to morph to make the new head morph to the old head's positions.... This may or may not work depending on whether the actual point order of both objects has changed...
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    I tried that, but I got a horrible looking effect...
    I'm guessing that somewhere during the tweaks, the point order did get changed.
    I'm guessing I'm outa luck then, right?

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    Maybe it helps to subbatch and freeze, sometimes this works for me.^^


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