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Thread: Some fun

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    Some fun

    Small games for childrens...

    Found 6 différences between the pictures...

    (Erf... sorry for my english)

    (Sorry for 56k!!))

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    That's so cool! Very cute idea. Never saw that done before.

    Water 0wnz.

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    Thanks... But i must note especially for you...
    Why note: "Christian born again (erf.. like Bush?? ) and "Jesus save", it's not a religious board here. I don' t want to know who is christian, who is muslim, who is hindouist etc...

    Jesus save nothing... It s a wrong way to follow him, i am an atheist!.

    God is a human créature.

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    You are in the wrong here, bud.

    A sig is for personal expression, and is not a post. If you don't like it that is just too bad. In fact, you, by posting your belief in no God, are acting in a hypocritical and immature way. I almost find your post laughable.

    In the future, please keep your opinions to yourself and have a positive attitude.

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    Originally posted by pat-lek Jesus save nothing... It s a wrong way to follow him, i am an atheist!.
    Just a logical aside here.. if you are an athiest then you can't say there is a wrong or right way as pertains to the following of said person.. as you don't believe any way to follow jesus you don't really have any authority to vote for or against someone elses way who does follow him.

    Heh... I'm not picking on you for being an athiest, just pointing out that you have excluded yourself from judging one way or the other on that specific slogan. Logically.


    Wonderful childrens images! Is there some place I could order those online? I don't even HAVE kids they are just cute..

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    Very Cute Idea - I like it. lol - it apparently caught the eye of my 5 year old little girl as she darted past the PC, so she helped me pick out the differences. Couldn't have done it without her.

    Reminds me of those Highlights Books I used to get when I was a kid.. er.. at least I think that was the name of them.

    I wonder how hard it would be to make one of those "hidden images" things.. ya know - where the broom is hidden in the tree or something.

    He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool; shun him.
    He who knows not and knows that he knows not is simple; teach him.
    He who knows and knows not that he knows is asleep; wake him.
    He who knows and knows that he knows is wise; follow him.

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    Originally posted by pat-lek
    ...God is a human créature...

    I assume u mean that man created god? Just a thought,
    but who created man? Yes, then u say man came from
    a long evolution process, but still something/someone must have
    created the possibility for evolution to take place...
    well me just thinking a little

    Nice images though

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    "... and one day, I'll die on a cross, and a lot of french LW'ers wont believe it...!"

    "Hype testament. Chap4 §25 from Saint Hervé"..

    Everything was previewed.... tell ya... cosmic rays are coming to earth every second...!

    BTW, n'oublie pas la miche de pain (aka God Miche...)

    Let' start The Crusade

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    Somes others... (Big donwload..!!!!)

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    thumbs up!

    Now plz make an animation of it all

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    These are so cute and very nicely done. I love the snow covered pine trees and the overall style.
    Too bad my daughter is too young to "play" with these pictures.

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    ah ah... and mine 's too old....


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