I've got a piece of video I'd like to process in Lightwave. The simplest way to explain it is 'think of the bullet ripples in matrix'-kind of thing only a little different, and knowing my skills, a little crappier.
Here's the basic set-up: I've got the video clip in Backdrop Texture Environment. The transparent objects (which 'morph' their background so to speak) are animated and the video is rendered with those spiffy alpha channels. This file is later composited over the original DV.
Anyway, my question is this: How do I best scale the Texture Environment so that it fits perfectly into the camera lens. I'm happy with all my render-tests but now that the time has come to get the final thing done, I realize that there is always an offset. Any advice on ideal offset and scale? Or perhaps a smarter way of doing this?
Much thanks in advance.