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Thread: plugins and lw 8

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    plugins and lw 8

    Hay Proton

    I was wondering what plugins will be absorbed into lw8. looking at modelers new tools it seems that DItools makes up a good size chunk. so i wont have to reinstall those. are there any others? i would hate to have duplicates and to set up menus.

    also on a simalr note will any of my menu configs translate into 8 or will i have to reset them, it's a small price if i do, i just was curious.

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    Rounder is another modeler plug-in being integrated and an excellent plug-in at that.

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    And will these new plugins be able to get called through lscript and the plugin system? ir DI's select switch.

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    Included existing plug-ins :

    DI's Power Tools
    DI's Quadsaw
    Edge Tools (Add + Remove)
    Daz's Edge Bevel
    Richard Brak's Rounder

    There is also a replacement for Layer Tools.

    The word is though that these plug-ins have been given a polish, so you might want to install the new ones that come with LW8.


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